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Teresa Fischer Teresa Pairitz 20 Points

Hello all,  I am a student teacher, and next semester I will be taking over the classroom full time, and I am helping my placement teacher create new unit plans for the year. We are trying to find new activities for our students to do, and we were wondering if any of you had any activities or lessons that you use to help teach Ecology?  Thank you, Teresa 

Joselyn Hermoso Joselyn Hermoso 785 Points

Hello Teresa,

I love this site so check this out.

Google mapping tools such as Google Earth and Google Map Overview are also helpful which I've learned from my online course. I've used this site for one of my lessons and it has Ecology too.

Hope this helps.


Chris Hunt Christopher Hunt 185 Points


I am about to start my Student Teaching in the spring as well! Good luck!

I am currently in Ecology this fall semester here at my university and in my lab we do some great activities. I'm not sure what level you are teaching but some of them could probably simplified to meet your standards. I just give you the basics.
A couple labs we have done:

  • Carbon Sequestering- If there is a nearby wooded area, you can have them measure the diameters of trees to determine how much Carbon they sequester from the atmosphere.

  • Biodiversity of rivers/creeks- Collect samples and take them to class of river/creek beds and have the students separate the invertebrates they find and determine the species present.

  • Biodiversity of Fields- have the students look at plots of land near the school and measure the different plant species.

  • There is a great interactive learning site called Simutext but it does cost money but they have great activities.

  • [/ol]

    Hope any of these help at all or maybe spark an idea of your own!

    Best of luck for your student teaching!

    Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa 20 Points

    Food web activity: This is an activity that has been most helpful for  students to understand the connection between all organisms and how energy flows from one organism to another. To make this more hands-on and not just a worksheet, I provided images of organisms in an area (I used the desert), then provided yarn to connect each organism together for their food chain/web.


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    Grannys Doon Grannys Doon 30 Points

    I've been teaching for about 15 years now and I have some great activities for you. We do an ecology study unit over the course of three weeks. The first week we plant seeds and discuss the different parts of a seed and what plants need to grow (light, soil, water). At the end of the week we take a field trip to a nearby farm. The second week we visit a greenhouse and talk about how those plants are grown. Finally, the third week we go to a rainforest at the zoo (to see plants in their natural environment)


    Cynthia Max Cynthia Max 10 Points

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    Alexandra Grayson Alexandra Grayson 10 Points

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    Joselyn Hermoso Joselyn Hermoso 785 Points

    Thank you Rebecca for sharing your resources with us. Joselyn

    Teresa Fischer Teresa Pairitz 20 Points

    Thank you all for your help!

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    Jenneffer Pinto jenneffer pinto 470 Points

    Hey Thank you so much for these great activities. The Carbon sequestering is a great activity, especially that you can take the children outside of the normal every day in class lessons. The biodiversity of rivers/creeks is a great observing activity being able to collect and group the samples they've collected. The biodiversity of fields is another great activity that you can take them outside and being able to practice measuring. I will look forward to sharing these this other teachers at my job!

    Hello, I remember when I was in school back in my country when my teacher talked about ecology I was not sure how I can help to save my planet. The teacher gave us several resources where we could investigate but all of them were impossible for me or my peers. So, my teacher with the others science teachers planned to do a orchard were every student needed to bring at least one plant, any plant, a flower or a plant which will give us a fruit. Every science class we took a little time to take care of our plant, put water or changing the soil. With this we help in our own way to save the planet and this activity help me a lot to expand my knowledge about plants of all the different types that we had, how to take care of them, and at the time of planing an experiment it was accessible to make one with plants.

    Nancie L Beckettf Nancie L Beckettf 10 Points

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