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Assessment Doesn't Always Have to be a Test

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Aisha McLaughlin Aisha McLaughlin 345 Points

            When people think about assessment, they usually think about tests. Although that is a great and efficient way to assess the knowledge of your students, there are other ways to find out how much your students have learned. Instead of having your students stare at a test or jot down answers on a piece of paper, you can assess their knowledge in a more interactive way. You can have a class discussion where every student contributes. Also, you can have the students complete an experiment and share their findings with the class. Students can make observtions based on real data they have collected on a data sheet.

Elyse Juarez Elyse Juarez 725 Points

I love this idea of knowing that we don't need to give tests in order to assess students! There are many different ways to evaluate a students learning without providing a test. Some examples could be projects, discussions, presentations, and research over a topic!

Thaily Almanzar Thaily Almanzar 840 Points

I think it's amazing that there are different ways (other than tests/exams) to assess student's knowledge! A discussion, like you said, is another great form of assessment. I also think that presentations and projects could be other forms of assessment that give students the option to be more creative in showing their knowledge. 

Andrea Woo Andrea Woo 585 Points

Hi Aisha, I completely agree when I thought of assessment my mind automatically went to multiple choice test mostly because that was what I experienced when I was in school. Like you mentioned there are many different types of methods to assess your students and with the growth of technology in the classroom it can help open more opportunites to assess our students. This could be with apps like Kahoot or Nearpod just to name a few!

MaKayla Brown MaKayla Brown 480 Points

Hello, I just LOVE this post!!! When I was in school I hated test days because anxiety and bad nerves would start to kick in! I felt like I was pretty smart until it was test day. It's like I knew all the answers when we were disussing it or had to model it but as soon as the test got in front of me... it was over with. So, yes, I agree with having other ways to test the knowledge of the student. I work with PreK-4 students and I do the same with them. I allow them to show me what they know and understand. 

Kimberly Mcknight Kimberly Mcknight 645 Points

Hello opened discussion or instructional demands like posing questions or select tasks. I was doing my student teacher observation and the teacher asked all the even number desk students to return to their seats. A student who should have moved just sat there. Aftter reposing the question she asked him why didnt he move and his response was ' my seat is n odd number not even. Just from that, she saw some gaps that needed to be address and recovered.


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