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Create and Share a Seasons Board! (Crowdsourced Anchor Phenomenon)

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Kate Soriano Katherine Soriano 3560 Points

Hello, All!

This post is connected to the NSTA Daily Do How can we tell what season it is? Although this task was designed for young children and their families, we are encouraging families and teachers of young students to create and share a Seasons Board using Wakelet or similar digital tool. The hope is that we'll get Season Boards representing a wide variety of locations across the country (and hopefully, globe!) that teachers, families and students can use to notice spatial and temporal patterns of seasons. Please consider contributing to our data set in your role of teacher or family member.

If you're new to Wakelet, you can watch this short Introduction to Wakelet video to help you get started.

Whether you create a seasons board for your family, local or global community, consider including the following information:

  • Season represented (you can add seasons over time)
  • The months of the year this season represents
  • Where on Earth you live
  • Artifacts of the season

Allow students/families to choose the artifacts of the season. Artifacts chosen will depend on the age and interest of the students in the class or family, but may include:

  • pictures of the area (plants, animals, sky, clothes worn during the season, etc.)
  • drawings or paintings (Younger children might represent the season using colors while older children might create scientific drawings of plants and/or animals they observe. How do we know what isopods do? [Part 1] provides guidance on how to support students in creating scientific drawings.)
  • tree bark and leaf rubbings
  • written descriptions of the sights, sounds, smells and feels of the season
  • weather data represented in tables or graphs

Share the link to your Seasons Board by clicking the big orange Post Reply button in the upper left-hand corner of this page (NOT Reply To This Post in lower right-hand corner of this text box). This creates a way for people to respond to you in the forum. Please include your location in the post.

Thank you for your participation in this project! Please reach out to me through the forum or email (ksoriano@nsta.org) if you have suggestions for improving the project or have questions.


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