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social distancing in a science lab

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Martha Fout Martha Fout 605 Points

Does anyone have guidelines for science teachers concerning social distancing and sanitizing equipment when students are able to return to thier classes?  I would love to have guidelines in place to help encourage teachers that they do not have to abandon science activities and labs in order to keep thier students safe.

Bess Hjartarson Bess Hjartarson 420 Points

I am also looking for guidance on this, our administration would like us to do in-person labs when we re-open in the fall and most of what is out there for sanitization etc. is pre-COVID.  It would be great if the NSTA could put out some guidelines.  

Asha Sharma Asha Sharma 285 Points

We are in the same situation as well. I am also looking for resources and guidance. 

Jasmine Mathew Jasmine Mathew 546 Points




Interesting to see different state approaches to in person labs while keeping 6 feet social distance and wearing masks.

I will have all students take their temperature as they enter ourclassroom and have individual students at each of my 9 lab tables. 

The lab tables are spaced apart and can help students maintain their 6 ft distance.  

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