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How can i use my classroom to encourage science learning?

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Jennifer Guerra Jennifer Guerra 260 Points

What can i do to my classroom to motivate my students to learn in our science class?

Toni Bush Toni Bush 1805 Points

Hello Guerra, 

I will say this about your question. Think back to when you were in science class. How was it for you? Do you believe there are some things your teacher could have done to make you love science? If so, do those things. The following are just suggestions...create an interactive journal, dress up like scientist for a day and explore, science experiments(safety first), create a science center for down time, learning time outside if possible, make predictions and then test them, create a library of science books students can check out, and create a website or introduce to your favorite interactive website. Keep it creative, exciting, and fun. 

Alivia Brandhorst Alivia Brandhorst 775 Points

Hi Karen! 

I am a 3rd-year college student at Wartburg College. Thanks for asking this question, I think this is something all future teachers are wondering.

I think the major componet to motivate your students to want to learn is to incooperate something they are interested in. When students are interested in the topic they are more likely to be engaged because they enjoy the topic or subject being taught. It is important to start class with an engaging hands-on activity or an engaging activity as well. Provide motivating feedback (praise) immediately following task performance is another way to motivate students to learn in the science class. When students do something and they know they did a good job and are getting praised it is easier for them to get motivated to keep doing well in class.

I hope this helps!

Alivia Brandhorst

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