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Kasey Mannion Kasey Mannion 1020 Points

I recently attended a conference that featured a speaker on the importance of using growth mindset language in the classroom. I am wondering if any one has implemented growth minset principles in their science classrooms? I believe growth mindset could be especially effective when teaching STEM.


Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5755 Points

Kasey - This is a great question! The idea of growth mindset has come up a few times in my research of integrated STEM (more specifically, humanistic STEM). A few pieces on my reading list are: 


Interestingly, I found that teachers can benefit from a growth mindset in an integrated STEM scenario! 

Erica Herold Erica Herold 735 Points

Having a growth mindset is so incredibly important in science (and in general)! I intentionally spend four to five days at the start of the semester explicitly teaching students about growth mindset in science. You could integrate any simple STEM activity into the theme, but I love asking my seventh grade students to fit their entire bodies through the center of an index card using only a pair of scissors. You can imagine the looks on their faces when they hear what I've asked them to accomplish. 

Throughout the lesson I build in hints to keep them encouraged, and as students begin to figure out how to accomplish the task their energy becomes contagious. Students begin encouraging each other to succeed and are proud to show off when they succeed themselves. 

I usually end the class with a reflection on how things seem impossible at first, but when you learn how to do those things they become easy. 

Here's a link to a tutorial on how to fit yourself through an index card:

My school is doing a book study on a The Growth Mindset Coach by Annie Brock and Heather Hundley. We are implementing what we learn in each chapter into our classroom. It's actually quite an interesting book. We also talk about the power of yet. I can't do that.. yet.. It helps to give them a more positive outlook. 

Morgan Cronin Morgan Cronin 1985 Points

Hi y'all! After reading these posts, implementing growth mindset into every subject that you have going on in the classroom is a good idea because students can grow a different mindset. It can give them a more positive outlook, if they are confused on one way they know that they can find another way. 

Bianca Loya Bianca Loya 1830 Points

i think growth mindset should be used in all subjects, especially science!

Children will often loose interest in science in middle school and high school. i have heard so many people say 'well im just not good at sience' 

not YET!!! we have to encourage students to try their best when it comes to science and math.



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