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Meagan Daugherty Meagan Daugherty 180 Points

Hello, I am a college student working on my undergrad for Early Childhood Education. I'm wanting to teach 2nd grade and was wondering ways to implement STEM curriculum for that grade? How can I spark interest in STEM for students? Thanks for the help!

Morgan Neathery Morgan Neathery 180 Points


I am wondering the same thing about my kindergarten class. One way that I found that would be a cool way to implement STEM in the class is encorporating engineering into literacy. This would be too hard of a concept for my kindergarteners, but I feel like in 2nd grade, you could present and read a book with some sort of problem. Pose a challenge to your students to design a solution to the problem in the book! We talked about this in our STEM class the other day, and I thought this was a really great idea!

Isabelle Gadberry Isabelle Gadberry 170 Points


I am a student observing a second grade classroom as well. My teacher read a Science book on liquids, solids, and gases a few weeks ago. She had the students pair and share a question that they had. Then they would turn to the teacher after 2 minutes and share some of the questions they had. Next the teacher would allow other students to provide ideas/possible answers. This allowed the students to start thinking and ask their own questions. This "shared reading" time incorporated literacy into STEM. The next time I attended the class, the teacher led an "experiment" with liquids. I thought this was a great idea to introduce the students to this topic. 

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