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Transition from the classroom to the museum

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Keri Parry Keri Parry 110 Points

Dear NSTA members, I am a fifth year Noyce fellow finishing my teaching commitment in Title 1 schools. I have experience in developing content curriculum (physics) and interdisciplinary (math & science) projects. Finally, I have masters degrees in education and applied physics. If I were to search for a salaried museum educator position, would I meet the criteria? What other qualifications or experiences would I need to transition from the classroom the museum / institution setting? Particularly I am interested in space sciences, physical sciences, and STEM programs. Any feedback would be helpful, thank you!

Kate Zuelke Kate Zuelke 885 Points

I am currently a Boy Scout teacher at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There are many classes involving just what you are looking for who need to be filled with teachers.  I used to work in the astronomy department and could refer you to someone who might be interested in hiring a teacher for a Boy Scout class during the summers. Message me if you are interested!

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