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2023 Outstanding STEM Books fo the Year

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Mary Lynn Hess Mary Hess 12258 Points

Check it out...the 2023 Outstanding STEM Book List. View the webinar or the list attached. Has anyone used any of the books? Let me know your best pick and maybe an activity or lesson you used.

Thank you in advance.

Happy Reading!


STEM Books 2023 (External Website)

2023 Outstanding Book List (External Website)

Bejanae Kareem Bejanae Kareem 1070 Points

Thanks for sharing, Mary. These are great! Here's a great resource that helps teachers to access the wonderful resources you shared without spending out of pocket:

Tara Irwin Tara Irwin 1050 Points

Thank you for these resources! I am excited to try implementing some of these ideas in my classroom. 

Lauren Kelly Lauren Kelly 633 Points

Thank you so much for posting this. I was looking for some new text in which to create new STEM activities for my students. This is great!

Sarah Vick Sarah Vick 865 Points

Thank you so much for sharing! I always want to find ways to incorporate engaging literacy in the Science classroom, and these options seem perfect. I took screenshots of the books from this video, and will be looking for ways to connect them to my standards to appropriately use them. 'The Beaks of Birds' looks like an interesting one to use in my life science unit. Thanks again!

Audrey Welch Audrey Welch 825 Points

Thanks for sharing! I have been looking for a few new books to add to our STEM Library and for our afterschool program. We are just getting started creating a school garden and there are a couple books listed that students will be interrested in.

Danielle Gibb Danielle Gibb 1215 Points

Hi friends!

What a great find. Integrating literature into a science lesson helps students make connections between phenomena and the world around them. I have used books for math in class before, and they have always served the students well. Blastoff looks like a great choice for space exploration topics in the classroom. Thanks for the post!

Lauren Cramer Lauren Cramer 2025 Points

Thank you for these resources! I would be interested to see if anyone has read any of them and can give a review!

Antonio Milan Antonio 10 Points

Great thread! It's always exciting to see new resources for STEM education, and the 2023 Outstanding STEM Book List looks like a fantastic addition. I haven't personally used any of the books, but I'd love to hear from others who have. Sharing our best picks and the activities or lessons we've used can be a great way to learn from one another and improve our teaching practices. Besides all that, I started to write my own STEM book, but it's a little bit hard for me because I don't have experience in this. Fortunately, I found this site which helped me a lot. I recommend it to everyone who wants to write their own book. Let's keep the conversation going and continue to promote STEM literacy and learning. Happy reading to all!

Thank you for posting this resource. I have been searching for additional resources to use in my classroom. I plan to share with my co-workers. 

Ruth Vazquez Ruth Vazquez 1080 Points

I loved the list of books. I can't wait to read them in class and develop Ideas to teach my kids science embedded in history with the book 'Imhotep of Ancient Kemet.' Thank you so much for sharing it!

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