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Kyle Carsey Kyle Carsey 1060 Points

Hello! I am currently going back to school for my elementary education certification. I am a former 6-12 Family and Consumer Science teacher. I absolutely loved my content and it was easy for me to come up with fun and engaging lessons. I struggle when it comes to science and I also do not have the confidence in this subject area that I do in FACS. Any recommendations on what I can do to beef up my science background and confidence in the subject matter? Book recomendations? I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this association and all it has to offer!



I think that specifics would depend on what grade level you end up teaching. I have found that the Sci-Packs offered here on the nsta site are great resources for a refresher on specific topics. Some will offer more information than you might need but it is great information. Also, I recommend seeking out the curriculum that you are going to teach and researching specific topics thorugh videos. There is so much information out there and on here! I love the journals that nsta puts out. I have the hard copies and have saved them as resources to use in my lesson planning. Good luck!

Julie Adam Julie Adam 30 Points

You made a helpful post..

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