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Survey about pets in the science classroom.

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Tyler Mack Tyler Mack 85 Points

Hello everybody! Some of you may already have seen this exact same post through the Oneonta Bioforum Listerv. If you have and you already responded, thank you very, very much for your input! I am a student at SUNY Buffalo State and a fellow student and I are currently working on our master's project for our science education certification. Our project is focusing on live animals in the classroom and we are currently collecting information from various teachers about this topic. Below is a fill-in survey in a Word document, we will both be immensely grateful if you would volunteer to fill it out and provide us with feedback. Any images of the animals that you have and/or their enclosures in your classroom will also be greatly appreciated. Additionally if you are located in the WNY area near Buffalo we would love to come visit your classroom and speak with you in person, if permissible. If you do respond to this survey, you may simply reply to this thread or e-mail your responses to [email protected] Alternatively, you may respond to this survey by copying and pasting the SurveyMonkey URL below: Thank you all very much for your time! -Tyler Mack. 1.) What type(s) of pets do you keep in the classroom? Please be as specific as you can 2.) How long have you been keeping animals in the classroom? 3.) What prompted you to bring animals into the classroom? 4.) Who cares for the animals in the classroom? How? 5.) Do you incorporate the animals in your classroom into your curricular lessons? If yes, then how so? 6.) Do you use animals as a tool to help students with social integration into the classroom setting? If yes, then how does it work/help the students? 7.) Do you clarify common misconceptions people have about the animals in your classroom? 8.) Additional comments may be provided in the space below in regards to the subject matter.

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