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Morgan Simmons Morgan Simmons 3290 Points

How do teachers test standards when there aren't any standardized tests for science?

Patria Baumstark Patria Baumstark 3140 Points

One does not need a standardized test to assess standards. From the standards one prepares a learning target and performance expectation, from which an assessment is based. Just my thought.

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92316 Points

Hi Morgan,
The state in which I live and teach does have standardized tests for science. However, they are not given every year like they are in English and mathematics. For k-8, students are tested in grades 4 and 7.
The newer Next Generation Science Standards are actually written as Performance Expectations rather than student learner objectives like the older standards. To read about them, here is the website:
Science Teaching Standards: NGSS

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