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Shannon Gebhart Shannon Gebhart 340 Points

Good evening!

I am a junior at Penn State and during my observations, I have noticed that Science is regularly overlooked in lieu of ELA and Mathematics. I have also noticed that on days when the students do get to do Science, they are super excited. Looking specifically at grades 1st-3rd, do you have any suggestions on integrating Science with ELA and Mathematics?

Thank you in advance for all your help and suggestions! I look forward to your replies!


Sandra Erwin Sandra Erwin 520 Points


Please check out! You can find examples of how science trade books  and engineering design activities are used to incorporate ELA and Math into a science program. You could get plenty of ideas from viewing examples from this curriculum.


Mallory Frangiosa Mallory Frangiosa 360 Points

I am also a student teacher at the Wright State University. We are supposed to be integrating science into subjects due to COVID setbacks instead of teaching it as a whole subject block. I am looking for the same suggestions!! All I have thought of so far is books, reading in ELA a book related to your science topic is always a good idea. 

Amber Baker Amber Baker 530 Points

Hi Shannon,

My name is Amber and I am a senior at Wright State University majoring in elementary education. 

Your question is one I regularly struggle with myself. At my placement for student teaching, science is extremely overlooked. We have reading in the morning and math in the afternoon. Science is not in our daily schedule. At the first-grade team meeting, science and social studies are not even mentioned. 

One way I suggest integrating science and ELA is by having students read and write about a science topic. For one of my projects, I am planning a unit that ends with an informative writing piece about animals and their environment. The main driving question is how does the environment help the animal to survive. My students will choose an animal, research what they need to survive and their environment. They are then wiritng about how that animals environment support the animal survivial.

I hope this helps,

Amber Baker

Haley Carter Haley Carter 513 Points

I think science is great to integrate into reading and writing. For example, reading a science poem that has scientific facts allows the students to obtain new information. Then you could have the students go back and write their own unique science poem. 

Nelda Johnson Nelda Johnson 1250 Points

An easy way to integrate Science with other subjects is to attach it to Social Studies. For example, talk about inventors and being good citizens when doing lessons with force and motion that, especially those that require team work. When talking about landforms and geography, pair it with Social studies discussions on the use of maps and locating continents. This last example could also be attached to reading and writing by reading books about explorers and working on writing biographies on said explorers and their discoveries.  

Joy Smith Joy Smith 605 Points

Hi Shannon,

I would agree that science is often overlooked in the classroom. It is sad that science is so overlooked because it is in everything. You can easily introduce it in reading and writing. It is also easy to introduce it into math. Science can be introduced into these other subjects through measuring plants you are growing or by discussing different types of animal species. This can help students understand the different characteristics of animals.

Kennedy Brown Kennedy Brown 760 Points

Hi Shannon,

I am in a fifth grade classroom for my student teaching this year, and we teach ELA and Science. While this is highly unnormal, we may have time to teach like 30 minutes of science to fit in our 90 minute block since my school is departmentalized. I try to integrate literacy to my science lessons. For example, I recently did a science lesson on animal adaptations and students had to read different pages from the 'What If You Had Animal...' series and they loved it! I know that science is typically integrated with math, but any chance that I can integrate it with literacy, it is always a hit. 


Hope this helps!

Eva Hines Eva Hines 1165 Points

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for asking this question, I have enjoyed reading the responses and gleaning a variety of ideas for my own class.

I am currently student teaching in a second grade classroom and have encountered a similar problem to yours. I would suggest finding ways to incorporate science into ELA through informational writing. Students could write papers or even their own books on scientific topics and investigations. 


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