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Kim Silverman Kim Silverman 270 Points

What experiments/projects or research can I incorporate into my curriculum to engage more parent involvement?

Anika Perry Anika Perry 870 Points

Hello Kim, 

Parent involvement can be a challenging task. One way you may be able to incoorporate parent involvement is by asking for parent volunteers to help with experiements or projects in the classroom. This is a way to share with parents what their child is doing in the classroom while also getting them engaged in their child's learning. I also think it is important to take into consideration parents jobs. Each parent may be able to come in and share something with the class that could be benifical to their learning and it could apply to the curriculum. If a parent was in the medical profession it would be easy to relate it to a science standard. The parent, with any profession, could dicuss how they use math, reading, and writing throughout their work day to demostrate how important each subject is. 

I hope this gives you some ideas! 

Joy Smith Joy Smith 95 Points

Hello Kim, 

I think that parent engagement in so hard everyone has such busy lives. It is hard for parents to have the time to do the activities you send home. One way that you could implement parent engagement into homes is to encourage students to ask one question about the world. They would think about a question that would be interesting to them (EX. where do we get our apples from?). Then encourage the parents to explain or play a video over that topic. Let the parents know that they don’t have to know answer to the question that they can learn with their child. Also, don’t let them take the easy way out (EX. we get apples from the store). Then once back at school have students explain what they learned about with their parents. You can also encourage parent to share their kids question with you. This could help the class to explore a question deeper. Young children are very curious this is a simple way for them to explore what they are curious about. 


Makaila Saylor Makaila Saylor 460 Points

I agree with this statement on parental involvement being different for everyone. Lot's of factors can contribute to the lack of or increase in parental enviornment. Culture, enviornment, socio-economic status are just a few of  those factors. It is important to not judge a family with bias or pre-exisiting connotations on why or why not a parent is more involved. With that being said, I still think it is important to advocate fully for the student's success in the classroom. Provide suggestions and resources to the family for tutoring, remediation materials, online resources like Kahn academy or BrainPop. This can encoruage the students to work more one on one with their child and provide more opportunities for a diversified learning tatic. 

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