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Hanna Schmitt Hanna Schmitt 420 Points

Hello all!

I am a preservice teacher in my third year at Wartburg College. One of my recent classes discussed the concept of gamification, adding game aspects into learning to increase student engagement and motivation. With many students currently learning remotely, I was wondering if any teachers have tried gamification in combination with online learning in their science classes. Does anyone have experiences to share with gamification and remote learning? I would love to hear about resources and ideas for online gamification.

Michelle Phillips Michelle Phillips 1472 Points

I love this question Hanna - thank you for sharing! 

There are so many resources out there for gamifying learning. As a high school teacher I loved incorperating coding and physics learning with robotics.

I observed many learners were more engaged and really started to think about real life applications of physics/coding. 

I wonder how others have incorperated gamification into their classrooms?

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