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Mayra Lopez Mayra Lopez 335 Points

Hello Everyone! These discussion boards are so helpful for a future teacher like me. It really gives an outlook on what to expect and gives me an idea of what areas I need to work more on. I am a very hands on learner and would like to transfer some of that to my teaching. I would like to know what are some resources you all have used when teaching science in an elementary classroom that will be safe but still fun to help students stay engage in the lesson?

Mary Potter Mary Potter 360 Points

Hi Mayra! I'm currently an education major and often wonder ways I can make my classroom hands-on due to the fact that many children, and myself, learn best this way. Some of my favorite things that I remember doing in science was doing nature walks and recording or drawing what I observed and another hands on activity I enjoyed doing was taking care of a monarch butterfly from the time it was still an egg, to it being a caterpillar, and then to letting it go when it had grown. There's many things you can do to really get your students engaged and also incorporate some hands on learning! As far as resources to use, there are many websites that have a lot of great ideas when it comes to teaching science. I suggest typing in "hands on science lesson plans" and I am sure you'll get many great ideas!

Carlye Brown Carlye Brown 150 Points

Hi Myra. My name is Carlye Brown and I am a third year Elementary Education major at Wartburg College. I also think hands on learning is important it allows students to engage in kinesthetic learning and experiment with trial and error and be able to learn from their mistakes. Hands on learning also helps students retain the information better than listening to a lecture. There are many ways you can make science hands on for kindergartners. Some possible activities you could do with your future students are to go on nature walks and let them explore nature and the world around them or you can conduct science experiments with them. There are so many resources out there for you to look at and get more ideas.

Olivia Phillips Olivia Phillips 345 Points

Hi Mayra! I am also going to school to become a teacher, and I believe hands on work is great! I will be interested in the replies, as well.

Destany Harvey Destany Harvey 310 Points

Hi Mayra! I am also going to be a new teacher when I graduate in the spring of 2021. I would love to find out ways to make my future class more hands-on and interactive in science so I can't wait to follow this post and see what others have to say. I am hoping to teach kindergarten when I graduate!

Aida Nichols Aida Nichols 1180 Points

Hello everyone!


I have been in early childhood education for  years and teaching preschool three for two. I love science and there are so many things you can do!

I have domne the following with my threes!

Make Playdough

Clould in a jar


Sink or Float

Magnetic or not


Nature walks

Marbled painting with shaving cream and food coloring....



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