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Water Unit Ideas?

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Darcey Bodziony Darcey Bodziony 945 Points

Hello everyone, I am developing a 10 day unit this semester as part of one of my assignments at UMBC. I have decided to do my lesson on water and have the main goal of the unit be to get students interested and understanding how to keep our water clean and safe for us and the animals that live in it. Their main project will be to construct a water filtration device similar to the one talked about in the resource I found on NSTA provided below. My main request is if anyone else has any ideas that would help me introduce and lead up to the main lesson of building the filtration device. After talking to my classmates, some of them have said introducing the Chesapeake Bay and how clean it used to be to provide homes to many oysters until recent years when it has become so polluted that the oyster count has gone down drastically. Any clean water ideas, resources or lesson would be much appreciate to get my brainstorming going. Thanks in advance! file:///C:/Users/slbod/AppData/Local/Temp/sc0707_26.pdf

Brenda Velasco Mizenko Brenda Velasco 2695 Points

Here is a water cycle lesson I found and used a few years ago when I lived in Washington. The source is through NASA and the University of Washington. It focuses on the Olympic Peninsula but I'm sure could be modified for your region. I may have other resources on my computer at home. I have attached the lesson to this message.


Darcey Bodziony Darcey Bodziony 945 Points

Great! Thank you for the input.

Darcey Bodziony Darcey Bodziony 945 Points

Just wanted to share the collection that I have so far on the ideas for my unit plan.

Rachael Niehus Rachael Niehus 3935 Points

Here is a great water filtration and earth day lesson I found online! This lesson helps students to design a basic filtration system and may be a great way to get them engaged while also giving them ideas for their final filtration product.

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