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Introduction to Safety in Science

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Moody Thelisma Moody Thelisma 4635 Points

science-based activities are really crucial in the classroom at any level. it is important that the teachers are trained on safety to be able to trained the students to ensure the safety of everyone. The classroom or lab needs to be a safe working environment. teachers need to let students know the instruction, the best practices.

Morgan Cronin Morgan Cronin 1985 Points

When doing certain activities, safety should be the main important aspect. In order to make sure that safety willl be ensured in the classroom, you must first set expectations for your students before beginning the activity and then set them up somewhere in the room so the students can refer back to them if needed throughout the activity and other times. Sometimes it's benefical to show your students how to use certain items in the science lab, just to ensure that safety and when students are starting walking around to see if they need help or have any questions is benefically as well. 

Beth Stern Beth Stern 420 Points

I agree! Safety needs to be a priority in the classroom. I like the idea of posting the expectations somewhere visible in the classroom, and I will be sure to do that in the future!


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