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Nicole Adams Nicole Adams 450 Points

Hello! My name is Nicole Adams and I am a junior at Missouri Western State University. I am planning on teaching upper-elementary in a year. Any tips for getting students excited about science or resources your students love? I feel like the only exciting and memorable experience in elementary school science when I was a student was watching Bill Nye. Are teachers still using his videos? How can I go beyond that to make science memorable for my students?

George Mehler George Mehler 1575 Points

?Hello Nicole, Here at our award winning YouTube channel, Funsciencedemos, we demonstrate important science concepts. Jared Hottenstein follows in Bill Nye’s footsteps by enthusiastically showing that science is engaging, fascinating, and fun. Based out of Temple University and tied to the national standards, these are concepts that every student should know before reaching high school. With the closed caption option, they can be translated into any language. > > Teachers can play these short videos on one day, and if there is time, recreate the demonstration on another day, thereby reinforcing the concept. > > Check out our channel and have fun trying these demonstrations yourself! > > Dr.

Annie Mast Annie Mast 605 Points

Hello Nicole!

As a future educator myself, I believe that the best way for students to get excited about science is to provide them with hands-on activities. When I was a student, I was most excited about science when I got to complete an activity that did not feel like work. Students are going to enjoy science and remember more of the content if they can tie it with an experience. 

Elizabeth Inselmann Elizabeth Inselmann 1395 Points

Hi Nicole, 

   I am also a future teacher. I think some still use videos like Bill Nye but, I think hands-on experiences are much more memorable. Let your students guide their learning that way students are in charge and would grab on to ideas faster. Iowa Science Phenomena is a good way to incorporate this into your classroom. I linked the website below. 

Hope this helps, 

 Lizzy Inselmann Wartburg College 2023

Home | Iowa Science Phenomena (

Anika Perry Anika Perry 1305 Points

Hello Nicole, 

Making science memorable for students is important for learning. As a preservice teacher I am still looking for more ideas as well. However, I know it is important to connect what they are learning to real life senarios. I also think it is important to gear towards what the students are interested in and make the science lesson hands-on. I know that crash course videos on youtube are informational as well. There are videos for lower grade levels as well! I hope this helps! 


Anika Perry 

Lindsey Gueltig Lindsey Gueltig 220 Points

Hi Nicole!

I still love Bill Nye and so do my students! I think in order to make science fun and memorable for students is to make it as hands on as possible! getting the students outdoors, field trips, overnights, hatching chicken eggs, and so on! Science is the subject that you can get the msot hands on, making it engaging, educational, and memorable for the students. Any lesson you teach there is a way to make it hands on with a project!

Cynthia Barcenas Cynthia Barcenas 550 Points

Hello Nicole,

As a future teacher myself I believe that we need to do hands-on activities in order to keep students interested in science. You can also use Flocabulary on Youtube, these are videos that introduce students to science vocabulary words. There are many short videos that can be found on Youtube when it comes to science. Yes, teachers still use videos to teach students about science, this especially helps students that are visual learners. To make science memorable for your students you should do experiments and activities that will make it fun for them to want to learn about science.

Claire Johnson Claire Johnson 370 Points

Yes, I agree. I believe it is important to incorporate different forms of teaching in your classroom. Every student does not comprehend material the same as their peer. It is also significant to incorporate hands on activities into your lessons. These activities allow the students to understand the material from a different perspective and keeps the students engaged. 

Jacob Shaw Jacob Shaw 440 Points

Hi Nicole,

I am also a future teacher! I am in my final year of student teaching before graduating and hopefully having a class of my own. I think that the post you made brought up a great point and something that I actually encountered in my class yesterday. We were beginning our first science unit and my cooperating teacher asked the students what their thoughts on science was. One of the students mentioned science was boring and useless. From there, we had a whole-group discussion about how practically everything around us is science - from the food we eat to the lights on above us. As we discussed the everyday objects we use, including fun things to a fifth grader, like video games, the child's view on science was beginning to change. He assumed that science was boring because of the concepts disccussed. He didn't realize the depths that science actually went. When we were able to look at science from this point of view that was actually relatable, it made a huge difference. I think that establishing these connections with the students is a huge way to keep students interested in science. We have so many interactive and fun resources at our fingertips now with technology, whether it be the old-school Bill Nye videos or the newer Flocabulary that was mentioned in another response, that is certainly important and helpful to do so too!

Ryan Lombardo Ryan Lombardo 135 Points

This is a great point that I think not too many teachers realize. I think many teachers are blinding their students to what science actually is and are boring them with facts on facts. To be able to get the most out of your students find their interets and explain in a fun and engaging way.

Yazmin Perez Yazmin Perez 310 Points

It is important to take into account that all students are different and that means they learn differently. Incorporating activities that reach all learning styles helps all students better understand the content and engages them. 

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

The old ideas related to 'learning styles' have been repeatedly debunked by more recent research.  See, for instance:


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