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Science Homework for Kindergarten

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Savannah Molina Savannah Molina 485 Points

What amount or type of science homework could I give to Kindergarten students? Should I give them science homework at all?

Prisma Gonzalez Prisma Gonzalez 400 Points

Hi Savannah,

I wouldn't necessarily give them homework in Kindergarten, but maybe have them look at bugs outside and have them draw what they see, so they can explore and start using their creativity and their critical thinking. It is important to keep their brains going and have them interact with nature as well.    

Esmeralda Delgado Esmeralda Delgado 305 Points

Hi Savannah I dont believe kindergarten students should have worksheets as homework but they could have an activity that could let their curiosity take place such as watching bugs in their enviroments, playing in the rain and observe clouds. 

Clarissa Robledo Clarissa Robledo 600 Points

Hi Savannah,

I don't think that kindergarteners at their age would grasp the concept of science through paper. Being that they learn most through their surroundings, maybe give them homework that would help them learn about it while interacting with their environment. The more they do the more they'll be able to make connections to the natural world and will help them better learn the concept. You can give them a how-to on certain guides or have them do observations or activites of that nature.

Peggy Ashbrook Peggy Ashbrook 10993 Points

What is the goal of giving homework? Is it to tie families into the explorations that children are doing with you in class? Will all families be able to support their children in doing homework?

Instead of calling it homework, you might send home notes to families about the activities at school and the questions children have raised. Offer online or local resources they might be able to access on the topics.

it's wonderful to hear that the kindergartners are engaging in science learning! In addition to empowering them to explore their world, it is an engaging way to encourage development of language and math skills too.

Andrea Flores Andrea Flores 310 Points

I believe this way of thinking of homework benefits the kindergarteners, families, and teachers. It is important to the parent to know of what their child is learning and it is also very important for teachers and families to be constantly connecting. Being an answer to their curiosity encourages them to learn more about whatever science topic they are learning that week. 

Kristin Preast Kristin Preast 1670 Points

Hey I believe that homework should be given whether it would be an activity from a worksheet or find a bug and observe its characteristics type of thing. I feel like homework is a great way to help kids understand concepts better. Also this gives parents a chance to see what their child is working on or help them learn material at home when they are out of the classroom.

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