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Destiny Huggins Destiny Huggins 10040 Points

Hi everyone! My name is Destiny and I am a first year teacher. I will be teaching 5th grade. I have a question in regards to small groups in Science. In college it was stressed to us to do small groups in Math and Reading, but no one ever mentioned Science or Social Studies (the two subjects I am teaching). Have any of you carried small groups in your Science classroom and if so how did you go about organizing them? Thank you in advance for you help :)

Sue Garcia Sue Garcia 42675 Points

Hello Destiny, It is wonderful to have a first year teacher start using the Learning Center. Here is something that it can offer that will help you find LOTS of already gathered resources over topics that you are teaching. Start by going to the TAB: "Learning Resources and Opportunities" (at the top of the screen), then find "Advanced Search (on the left hand side of the screen), type in the Keyword: "Small groups in Science" and Type of Learning Resource: "User Created Collections", then hit "Search". You have now found LOTS of resources, pages and pages of collections. Not all of these collections will be what you want...try page 2, "Science Learning Center Workstation Collection" by LaToya Pugh. There were several items that I think will be something you can use. Using different topics to search for in the Keyword, you can then select the grade levels, type of resource, or type of collection that you want. It saves lots of time and introduces you to many resources that you may not even be aware of. I Love this "Advanced Search" option to find resources on the topics that I want to teach.

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

When I taught fifth grade I arranged four desks together to make a square table. All of our experiments and activities were carried out in these groups. I always had all materials in a container on the desks when they came in so we were ready to go. I taught four classes a day doing this.

Sarah Keever Sarah Keever 550 Points

Hi there, I love using group projects and group experiments. The challenge I had as a first year teacher was how to grade these. How do you grade if one student is doing more work than others?? I normally have a "participation" grade which basically starts at 100%. I move around the room and see if everyone is engaged. If so, they keep their 100%, if they are distracting others or not contributing, I can take points off. Usually, they do most of the project or lab report as a group but a small part is individual to make sure they understand the material individually. For example, they would do all parts of the lab report together but write their own conclusion. Good luck!

Deborah Rudtke Deborah Rudtke 1165 Points

Small groups for every subject! My 5th graders sit in table groups of 4 and I use small groups throughout the day in every subject. In science, we do investigations and inquiries in groups of 2 or 4 (depending on the activity). It works well and saves on the amount of supplies I need to gather!

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