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Guadalupe Gamboa Guadalupe Gamboa 420 Points

Science is a subject that is very hands-on and interaction among students is something that most activities require. With that being said, due to the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic where virtual learning is happening, what activities or assignments can students do at home with the help of their parents? Can using alternatives cause the student's activity to get a different result?

Gabriela Garcia Gabriela Garcia 295 Points

Hello Guadalupe Gamboa, 

     Considering that science is not one of my strongest subject, when I am learning on this subject, I personally do require of a lot of hands-on activities in order so that I can create an understanding. I cannot imagine the difficulty that the students are having right in trying to grasp new concepts during this moment of uncertainty. To answer your questions, I believe that there needs to be constant communication with the students' parents for example through a groupchat in order to program hands-on activities. The safest way that the children can experience hands-on activities during these times is by having the teacher record herself doing it so that she can demonstrate it to them. The best way to go through this, is by explaining every action that the teacher is doing and why it makes sense for these actions to be done. By using alternatives, there is a possibility that students might derive misconceptions from the activity, but it is best to explain and demonstrate as best as possible in order so that the students can create their own understanding of the concepts.  

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