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Using Disney+ and Netflix to teach science

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Madisson Clabaugh Madisson Clabaugh 2345 Points

I have had thoughts about using wildlife television to help teach life science. It sounded like a great way to get students engaged. The thought of actually using Disney+ or Netflix in the classroom though caught my attention. How would parents feel about it? Would it actually be beneficial? Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic?

Delilah Juarez Delilah Juarez 340 Points

I am in my 3rd semester of college and I am currently a pre-service teacher. I have never thought about incorporating Disney+ or Netflix into the curriculm but my first reaction is I absolutely love the idea! I believe there are many great shows and movies that can be both fun and educational for the students. Disney+ has National Geographic and I believe that is one show that will come in handy in a science class. As for the parents, maybe you can send out a survey at the beginning of the school year for them to answer how they feel about you playing movies and shows for their child. You will be able to figure out which parents are on board and which parents are not.   

Jessica Garcia Jessica Garcia 745 Points

Hello Maddisson, as for using Netflix as a resource to teach Science, I think it's a great idea. You can show them episodes of The Magic School Bus. I rememeber being engaged in those shows when I was in Elementary. There are also other great shows we can select. Me being a parent, wouldn't have any problem with it. Not so sure about Disney plus, does anyone know any science related shows we as futures teachers may utilize in the future?

Vanessa Hernandez Vanessa Hernandez 380 Points

Hello Madisson. In my opinion, I believe incorporating Disney+ and Netflix are great to add to the curriculum. Television programs are beneficial since they are implemented in learning various academic fields. For instance, Sesame Street built the foundation for children's learning and enhanced their listening, cognitive, and visual skills. Children will become engaged in these programs since they are used at home and have positive experiences. In closing, they are entertaining and educational resources that will help the child thrive academically.

Guadalupe Gamboa Guadalupe Gamboa 420 Points

Hello Madisson,

I personally believe that incorportating Science in the classroom with the help of Netflix and Disney+ can be very unique and beneficial for the students. Both of these streaming websites can be used educational, for example Netflix has several episodes of The Magic School Bus. You can use a short clip of an episode or a movie to engage students and grab their attention while also providing educational knowledge.

Since several parents can have a problem with using those websites in an educational manner, you can perhaps provide a survey or questioner in order to know which parents are okay with it. Having prior knowledge of the parent's thoughs can help you find alernative ways or videos that can be used and implemented in a lesson plan. 

Alma L. Gutierrez Alma L. Gutierrez 520 Points

Hi Madisson, your topic grasped my attention because I have used Netflix in my preschool classroom before the pandemic changed the course of things for all of us. Using my laptop, I would sometimes show my students a short video of Dr. Seuss series if any episode pertained to what we were covering. If I searched for a certain topic, other kid-friendly and educational clips would be of option for me. This really kept them engaged in the learning process. I though it was a great way of changing the routine every once in a while. It was also a ways of showing my students how to follow instructions in every activity given to them independently, as a class, or in a group. I never had problems with my director or parents not approving the use of technology and Netflix for learning purposes.

Madisson, this is s great idea! But, I can see where it could have some cons. I feel as though when students are allowed to sit for an entire class period and watch a show, it is more of a relaxation day than a learning day. There could be great benefits to this where students would learn a lot if it was shown in small sections at a time.

Kylie Surber Kylie Surber 600 Points


I think that this could be a great idea! There are lots of greats shows on National Geographic on Disney+ that could really engage the students, as long as it's age approproate. I think kids would enjoy seeing real life animals instead of cartoons or just having to read about it, and it would definitely keep their interest. They could even benefit from watching something like The Magic School Bus, I know that was something I really enjoyed growing up. I would of course not use this as a main source of teaching, but definitely something to use every now and then!

Esther Moreno Esther Moreno 290 Points

The thought of using Disney+ or Netflix does sound like a great way to help maintain students engaged being that they have many different resources that are both eduation anf beneficial for the students. I think that many parents might not want for you to encorperate it in your lessons but I believe once they are given inforamtion about its benefit they migth be on board. 

Carmen Aleman Carmen Aleman 510 Points

Hi Madisson , your question really caught my attention with the fact of how we as educators can incorporate Disney+ or Netflix. I have never thought of the idea of incorporating these platforms to help teach science. I think this is a great idea because we are expanding our technology and using other platforms besides our common ones like Youtube. One show that can be very educational for students is The Magic School Bus. We can use Netflix to show different episodes of The Magic School Bus in which it gives knowledge of different topics of science. This will help the students be engage in learning sicence in a fun and educational way. The Magic School Bus series is know to be very helpful and entertaining for students. As for parents the educator can make a survey for the parents asking whether they consent the use of Disney+ and Netflix. As a future educator i think most parents will agree to using these platofrms because it allows their child to be motivated and in a way they can incorporate it out of school premises. 

Sarah Bird Sarah Bird 165 Points


As a pre-student teacher I ahve had experience with integrating such technology in to the classroom with my mentor. We reference these resources similarly to how we reference using YouTube videos in the classroom. Of course, shows and movies via these resources need to be proofed before they are presented, however, this is no different to the precautionary steps taken before showing a YouTube and/or other video within the classroom. Both Disney+ and Netflix contain many valuable videos for learning (including shows/movies that span across all core topics). I believe not harnessing and taking advantage of these resources would be a missed opportunity. 

Ashley Meza Ashley Meza 440 Points

Hi Maddison, as a parent of 3 kids, two of whom are barely 3 and 4 years old, I love the idea of using Netfix or Disney+ to get students to enjoy learning all about life science. Elementary students pay attention to real life scenarios, and love to include their prior knowledge when learning new things. I do believe teachers need to make learning exciting, so what better way to show them all about life science, than on these apps that they are familiar with. I do believe using these two apps, especially at an elementary level, will encourage students to wanting to learning more, participating in class discussions and overall engagement. 

Emma Ammons Emma Ammons 635 Points

First of all, I love that we are finding more resources beyond the realm of education-made tools. As a third-year in elementary education, this is an exceptional tool. I agree with the pre-readings for this, sorting through the vast options on those sites would be challenging. I think your point about parental concern would be an adequate worry. I could see a simple but straightforward letter to the parents, like one that may get sent at the beginning of the year, being a great solution to help explain why you will choose to use that as a resource. Since Screenbinge does have a site with educational categories of different movies/documentaries, that will help with the time aspect of picking a respectable video. One of my professors has an assignment set up where we create a movie sheet, based on the movie of our choice and relating to different contents of the school subjects. Even if Disney+ and Netflix were used as a last-second substitute, it can still provide educational content.

Abigail McGrane Abigail McGrane 735 Points

Hi Madisson, 

I think there are some great resources available to show students from sources like Disney+ and Netflix. A fun and educational science show I would recommend to use from Netflix would be Emily Calandrelli's show Emily's Wonder Lab. There are many other great options and I think as long as the shows you are choices to show in your classroom are both educational and appropriate to the content you are teaching, then it would be okay. 

Michaela Dehli Michaela Dehli 1245 Points

Hi Madisson!

Engaging students through television can be a beneficial tool but it also can become boring after a while. I find that if you have worksheets to help students pull the important information this can increase engagement. However, in my classroom I want to limit the amount of time I just 'put something on' for students. I feel that engaging in academic discourse, STEAM related activities, and hands-on learning endeavors is more my teaching style than just watching videos. 



Michaela Dehli ([email protected])

Lydia Hobby Lydia Hobby 631 Points

Hi Madisson,

I believe that using Disney+ and Netflix in the classroom can be a great way to engage students! As we all know, these programs are used frequently by all ages, so I think that utilizing technology in this way would be of interest for the students. There may be some parents who do not fully agree with this, but I would make sure that all of the shows are completely appropriate and G rated, if possible. I find that using worksheets helps play a major role in focus when watching tv shows or movies, so I think that would be a great tool to use to make sure comprehension is occurring. I absolutely love this idea!


All the Best,

Lydia Hobby

Ella Brase Ella Brase 630 Points


I am a third year elementary education major and I personally think that using Netflix or Disney+ could be a great way to get students excited and engaged with science. Students who are visual learners may also comprehend more from a film than reading or hearing about a concept. However, I do think you have to be cautious and have a very clear purpose for watching any particular film on these apps. I think it’s also essential that the students know exactly what is expected out of them during the production; giving them prompts to think about or questions to answer during the film is a great way to ensure your students are staying engaged. In terms of parents, I think it is always wise to get parental concept before watching any film in the classroom. This also provides an opportunity for you, as the teacher, to discuss with the parents the purpose of the film, what students should take away from the film, and what you plan on doing with the students prior to the completion of the film. 


Ella Brase



Riley Korengel Riley Korengel 80 Points

I definitely agree that using wildlife television can be a great way to help teach life science because it will get students engaged. I would have definitely found it beneficial to have Disney+ and Netflix used in my elementary classrooms.  I think that depending how these programs were being introduced and how they were actually being used in the classrooms I think many parents would love it.  On the other hand, there are parents who send their chidlren to school strictly to learn. With that being said I don't think these parents would be the biggest fan.  The thing is if they understand what exactly they are presenting then they might feel differently.  I would definitely consider incorporating these type of resources to my classroom because kids love technology and seem to remember a lot from it.  For example, I had a friend in high school who's from Sweden and was a foreign exchange student, she shared that she learned English from watching American Televsion.  Can you think of situations like this that are beneficial for kids in elementary school in science classes?

Caroline Meroski Caroline Meroski 365 Points

Hello Madisson, 


I think this would be a really amazing idea. You could show them different wildlife shows on netlfix or disney plus. A great one would be the magic tree house these shows have such great knowledge for children. I think the parents would feel very happy with this. It would be beneficial because they are watching the show and understanding and gaining knowledge on it. 

Anika Perry Anika Perry 1305 Points

Hello Madisson, 

My name is Anika Perry, I am a pre-service teacher, studying at Wartburg College. I have mixed thoughts on including Disney+ or Netflix in the classroom. On one hand I think there is great science content (National Geographic), on those streaming services. I feel students would be paying attention to the show/movie if they were interested in the content. I remember when my science teachers showed movies in class, which was nice, however some topics I was not interested in, so I didn't fully pay attention. I think for elementary students if you showed the key parts of a movie or split the movie up into different days that would be benifical. This also could allow you to connect a hands-on activity with a section of the movie, which would keep the students more engaged. If you are gone and have a sub for a day it may an easy way for the sub to teach the science lesson, by showing a video/show/movie. I hope this helps and gives you some ideas! 

Alexandra Varga Alexandra Varga 295 Points

Hi Madison,

I'm a pre-service teacher and resources such as Disney+ or Netflix are constantly being used in classrooms nowadays that I have observed. If I were to use it, I would let parents know that I was showing the videos so they know. There are plenty of kid friendly resources on these streaming platforms for students to learn valuable science knowledge. I would suggest programs on Disney+ such as Science Fair (which is about high school students competing in the International Science and Engineering Fair) or something like The Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom (which discusses how Disney takes care of the animals at their facility and imitates their natural habitats in the middle of Florida).They have a partnership with National Geographic so there are plenty of educational and informational videos that could attach to to any curriculum. The students would totally enjoy learning from videos and discovering new science concepts in exciting ways. I plan on using resources such as these in my future teaching and continuing to find other resources like this as well. 

Nora Rinehart Nora Rinehart 370 Points

I am a senior in college and I am currently in a 2nd grade classroom for my pre-service student teaching. I think there is a lot on Disney+ and even Netflix that teachers could use in their classroom. Disney+ has National Geographic in addition to all of the Disney shows and movies that could be used for science instruction. I think you may be able to get a lot more out of Disney+ than Netfliz, but that it just me. I think parents may be a little nervous at first, just because when someone mentions Disney+ or Netflix, educational purposes is not the first thing that comes to mind. I would write up a class announcment with that in it so parents can read what you will be doing with the Disney+ movie/episode, the reason behind it, and why parents shouldn't be nervous about their students watching movies in school. Most of the time, as long as parents know the reason why, they won't feel as bad about their children watching Disney+ as they would if their child came home from school one day and said 'Hey mommy! We watched Netflix/Disney+ today!!'. I think it would also be beneficial to the students because they have something they interested in that is able to help teachers relate the new topic to. For lack of a better example, let's use Finding Nemo. Students could be learning about aquatic life and habitats, so for a closing to the unit, you want to show Finding Nemo. You can have students take notes about what they see or they can make observations about the aquatic wildlife they see while watching the movie. I think that would be very beneficial for the students. It's something that adds to their learning and it can help them make connections with what they learned about in class and the movie.

Lindsey Gueltig Lindsey Gueltig 220 Points


I don't see any issues with it (as long as you check it out before hand obviously). Netflix and Disney+ have some really educational documentaries on it and the kids would see it as so much fun that they're getting to watch these streaming services in class! Make learning fun!

Luke Oravecz Luke Oravecz 6420 Points

Hey Madisson, 

This idea is really interesting to me as I am student teaching this year in a 4th grade classroom.  The teacher normally uses Disney and Netflix for the short films before dismissal. There are probably plenty of options out there that students can watch with more science lessons built in.  Another thing I would suggest is that while they watch the video/movie in class, the students fill out a worksheet or take notes on a specific topic.  Using these notes, there can be a discussion after that can branch from the visual. 

Overall, I think it would be beneficial and can even be considered a fun reward for the students to work toward.  I'm sure this would be fun to dig into and find some new things for the class to watch!

Catherine Chacon Catherine Chacon 630 Points

Hello Madisson, I love the idea of incorportating Disney+ or Netflix in the classroom because the children will love it! I would get permission first from principal or parents but I think it would really work. I don't see why parents would disagree with the idea because it would be of appropriate use. In this generation teachers are always looking for new ways to get their students more engaged in the classroom which is very important. There are many ways you can use shows and movies to discuss science related topics in the classroom. One example being in Disney+ showing the students National Geographics videos. If you're discussing about birds you can show them 'Wings of Life.' Or you can also show the students documentarys on both Disney+ and Netflix of animals. 'African Cats' in Disney+ or 'Growing Up Wild' Disneynature on Netflix. 

Emma Neuss Emma Neuss 350 Points

I think that it could be helpful especially at a time where virtual learing is at its zenith. I'm not sure how parents would feel about it considering that their children may be watching a lot of TV at home or if those are platforms that the parents don't agree with. National Geographic has partnered with Disney+, making it a great option, but it could also be distracting for studnets to know they are on Disney+ and thinking of all the other stuff that they want to watch. 

Shajeeah Jan Shajeeah Jan 1620 Points

Hi Madisson, 

I agree with you, it does sound like a great way for students to get engaged in the classroom. Your topic caught my attention. This is definitely something I'd consider as a future teacher. On both Disney+ and Netflix, there are wildlife shows and documentaries that would be perfect to show the children. When you're unable to physically be at a certain place, videos are the best way to somewhat get a feel for what it's like there. Many of the science videos are descriptive and the narrator explains everything so this is a great way for students to learn. They are already used to watching movies and shows on these apps so I think it's best to show them that these apps can be used for learning in school too. 

I was also thinking of how wildlife documentaries can even be found on Youtube therefore there's no need to subscribe and pay for Netflix or Disney+ when Youtube is free. It depends on the teacher. If they already have an account and are wanting to show a video to their students through the app, I think there's no problem in that. If they don't have an account then I feel that it isn't necessary to buy it because there really are thousands of other sources where we can find videos and activities. 

Nyah Castillo Nyah Castillo 500 Points

Hi Madisson,

In my opinion I would strongly encourage using Disney+ and Netflix to help students understand life science a little bit better. Children now a days are very familiar with these platforms and it will encourage them to make connections with concepts they already know and love. I think parents will be thrilled to know the teacher cares about the students' learning needs and more importantly, parents will be happy that their children can learn with applications they already use in their daily lives. 

Kris Sanchez Kris Sanchez 430 Points

Madisson, I think using Disney+ and Netflix is a great way to incorporate new and fresh ideas into your science lesson and it would engage students being that Disney and Netflix are what the students are into these days. I think parents should be advised that you will be using these subscriptions to educate their child and maybe a google form could be sent out to them to receive feedback on how they would feel and they could put any comments questions or concerns that they might have on their too. 

Toran Davis Toran Davis 865 Points


Yes, I have used Disney Shorts to help engage my students in science lessons. It is a great activating strategy to generate healthy class discussions. The students love Disney Shorts! For example, I utilized 'Hope' to teach the students about the effects of pollution. I was able to use this short in ELA to teach about problem and solution. The students began to learn about pollution in ELA and transferred the discussion into the science period. It was great to have the students to learn about pollution in an engaging way. This use of the Disney Short promoted a student centered learning environment, where students essentially led the discussion. 

Hope -


Great question,


Melissa Lopez Melissa Lopez 490 Points

Hi Madisson, incorporating Disney+ or Netflix for learning purposes, attached to your lesson plan week seems great since it is a visual. Students will be able to comprehend the lecture better if the chapter talks about sea animals, and you play nemo after. They will be able to see ocean life, or when talking about insects, play bug's life. These movies can also be attached to ones lesson if it has a purpose and connects to what is being viewed in class. I believe parents would not feel unease about watching these movies since they can be considered educational if attached to the lesson. It sure would be beneficial for kids since they love movies and visuals. After the movie ends you can have a little question activity about the story. For example in Nemo, What is the name of the clown fish? and questions like that getting them to think about the sea animals. 

Jada De Los Santos Jada De Los Santos 590 Points

I love this idea! There are times students get tired of the same routine with learning the material, having an activity, then having an assignment. I believe it is important to incorporate videos and technology in the classroom. Students will most likely have a good reaction if they know they will be watching a film which will lead them to be more attentitive.

Monica Rodriguez Monica Rodriguez 540 Points

Hi Madisson,


I think using video media as an aide for instruction can absolutely be beneficial when used appropriately. I remember when I was a kid, I really enjoyed when we watched The Magic School Bus in my science class to tie into whatever we were learning at the time. I think the newer generation has will really appreciate the use of a video aide instead of going straight into instruction. As for the parents, I think providing a survey maybe before a lesson where you would want to show a video or at the beginning of the school year if you think you will be using them frequently. I would also suggest providing a list of videos, movies, or links you would be using to parents so they can go over them themselves before instruction just in case you may need to modify it. 

Kathryn Lopez Kathryn 420 Points

Hello Madisson, I think that incorporating educational videos to support your lessons is a great way to integrate technology into your classroom . I would use it as a tool to delve deeper into a topic and create discussion amongst peers but not rely on the videos to carry my lessons.

Hello Madisson (:

I absolutely love this idea! If you're looking to getting your students excited about science show them the ways that popular media uses. It will benifit students using Disney movies as part of a lesson, or simply clips from movies can reinforce science topics, spark discussion, and promote new perspectives.

Presley Elliott Presley Elliott 500 Points

Hi Madisson! I am in my second year as an education major and I think the concept of using Disney+ or Netflix is a great way to encourage student engagement. I think it encourages learning through platforms that students know and love. I remember when I was a student watching things like Bill Nye and the Magic School Bus, which really kept me focused and helped concepts stick in my mind better. I do understand the concern about parents but I believe as long as you get permission at the beginning of the year or before watching something they would be okay with it!

Makayla Schluter Makayla Schluter 515 Points

This post was very intriguing to me as well! I am a pre-service teacher and would also like to explore the value this type of content could add to the STEAM setting. Personally, I believe presenting multiple modes is valuable to students' learning of subject matter. I really enjoyed when my own teachers used videos to complement their lessons. 'Complement' being the key word here as I don't think a video should be the sole presenter of content but can and should support what the teacher has directly taught or students have discovered through their work. 

It would be ideal to use these documentaries in the remote learning setting however viewing the videos can not be required unless a teacher finds a way to provide access to all students (not all students will have subscriptions to Netflix or Disney+). Perhaps in this case, teachers can suggest students watch these videos for further review on a lesson if they have access at home. I think parents would enjoy watching this quality content with their child, developing dialogue and making connections to what the student is learning in class. Some parents however, may show disdain for this practice as they would like to limit their child's screen time. Consider a good balance and if you use this type of content, be ready to explain its value to student learning and the standards it connects to. 

In my Elementary Science Methods course we create movie sheets for You can create one for any of these documentaries or even create one for another movie such as Wall-E, asking students to complete questions as they watch the film and connect to STEAM-related topics. This is also a great resource to have prepared for a day you are gone and will need something for the substitute teacher to do with students.

Thank you for generating this discussion! I think this is a great topic to explore!

Makayla Schluter



Emily Jones Emily Jones 1435 Points

I can see how parents might have mixed reactions to this kind of access especially if it's not free. I'm not sure what your grade level is but PebbleGo/PebbleGo is a great Science resource and has been revamped this year through the addition of PebbleGo Next. This year's version houses far more Science topics and fun activiites. The graphics are colorful and engaging and the information covers all areas of Science.  I love it because it gives a test for students to gage comprehension as well as games, activities, graphic organizers and 'Show What you Know' Learning Frames.  They also have short videos of plants actually growing and movement of animals, and other realtime activities. I find it ideal because I have some low level readers in my class and the text is read out loud while important vocabulary words and terms are highlighted.  You can even click on a specific word and it will read the definition out loud for the student.   

Jessica Jones Jessica Jones 465 Points

At my work site, Netflix has been banned. I think it was due in part to so many teachers just turning on a movie and not really teaching during the day. As far as Disney+ it is not free, and I do not particularly want to pay a monthly fee for teaching resources when there are so many free resources available. I am sure that a lot of parents will feel the same way, if they were required to pay for their child's subscription

Clement Gregory Clement Gregory 10 Points

An animal reality TV theme that is very useful for kids. I fully support this opinion on the free movie app Netflix.

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Laurie Salvail Laurie Salvail 305 Points

It is important to check the school district's policy about showing video clips. In most cases they need to be pre-approved by the administration. 

In terms of life science and showing video clips of actual animals, I think this can be a great tool for student engagement. Things to consider especially for an elementary school audience: make sure you have previewed anything that will be shown to students (in a video clip of an animal there maybe things that are not appropriate for a yourger child to view) and also would you want the child to go home and watch the entire series if they really liked what you showed them in class (many kids have access to Netflix and Disney+ and may go home and watch other parts of the video that may not be appropriate for their age).  

I think your inital idea is good, but there are many things to consider when we are working with younger students. This is why many districts and schools have policies in place about this kinds of things. When in doubt always ask your principal for advice!

Dayvonna Gill Dayvonna Gill 510 Points

I personally would want to teach my children science through netflix and disney plus becuase there are shows like the magic school bus that are eeducational. Ifound myself grasping topics easily due to haveing visuals and seeing it in a way that was intriguing. Obviously being able to do this would depend on the schools policy, but I love the idea!


Francesca Guido Francesca Guido 465 Points

Growing up as a student, I really loved watching movies or documentaries that visually displayed and explained a scientific topic. It really helped me retain information and comprehend what was being discussed, especially if it was through a creative medium, such as the Magic School Bus series, listed above. However, there is also the issue of paying for the subscription service - would you show the desired film/show during class so all students would be able to view it, or would it be an activity for the home? If you were to assign it for home-viewing, how would you ensure that all students would have access, as some most likely will not have a subscription? If you show it in class, how will an absent student be able to view the content when they come back to class? An outlet that I really like that has content for free is BrainPop! It has all different subjects but the science videos and content really helped me as a young student and the outlet has grown to be even more interesting and modern over the years. Check it out, it could be a great alternative!

Madison Johnson Madison Johnson 4665 Points

Watching movies is so fun for students and a great way to keep them engaged! If kids are already online why not let them have some fun while learning, they could always follow along on a handout or write about what they learned after. The only issue may be getting every student access since so many of them are virtual now.

Audrey Atkinson Audrey Atkinson 105 Points

Madison, I have yet to come across a discussion forum like yours. I think that Disney + would be a great way to grasp our student's attention. Disney+ has a way of grabbing hold of a main character (whether it be a car, a bug, a person, or an animal) and we are able to have an adventure through the eye's and perspective of the main character. I think a great movie we can use for elementary science would be a bug's life. We are able to see the fictionized perspective of a bug's life. Inside the movie we see the bugs become alarmed due to predators, we also see life cycles, and animal enviornment. I think your idea is a unique and fun way to connect with our students! 

Audrey Atkinson Audrey Atkinson 105 Points

Madison, I have yet to come across a discussion forum like yours. I think that Disney + would be a great way to grasp our student's attention. Disney+ has a way of grabbing hold of a main character (whether it be a car, a bug, a person, or an animal) and we are able to have an adventure through the eye's and perspective of the main character. I think a great movie we can use for elementary science would be a bug's life. We are able to see the fictionized perspective of a bug's life. Inside the movie we see the bugs become alarmed due to predators, we also see life cycles, and animal enviornment. I think your idea is a unique and fun way to connect with our students! 

Stacy Wolff Stacy Wolff 1160 Points

I have used a scene from Finding Nemo in my unit about ocean currents.  Great little clip that the kids can relate to- but don't need to show the entire movie.  

Jordan Bailey Jordan Bailey 295 Points

One thing to keep in mind is student access to these resources. I think rather than assigning students to 'go watch X on Y platform' you need to plan to stream a clip, episode, or movie from your own account during class time so that all students have equal access.

With that in mind, Netflix is easier to watch over shared screens/third party ( than Disney+. In my experience, Disney has throttled Disney+ streaming to the point that you cannot even properly chromecast it from a mobile device to your own television. So as much as National Geographic and other resources on Disney+ would be great for kids, they are likely not as readily accessible as Netflix.

Ruth Gomez Ruth Gomez 310 Points

Hi I do see why you would like to show Disney+ and Netflix. I have seen that Disney+ has National Geographic and that's a great source for teachers. It contains resources one can use and connect to lessons. But depending on every school distric it can be hard for an approval. With both sources it can be make the lesson more interesting and fun. 

Claudia Buentello Claudia Buentello 570 Points

Hello! I think that is a great idea! I think Netflix is a great resource to teach children Science. In my case I'm privately homeschooling my children and for my little one I am supplementing his Science with the Netflix show 'Emily's Wonder Lab'. My children love it! It is fairly new but it teaches about different experiments. It is actually one of the shows that is recommended by a lot of True Home School moms. I am just a Pandemic Home School Mom, HA! Regardless, I had heard wonders about this show, and I can see why. I haven't looked into Disney + but I'm sure something must be there. In Netflix you can also find the episodes of the Magic School Bus but not many use this, since it was from a time when Pluto was still considered a planet. Great idea! 

Victoria Burnett Victoria Burnett 340 Points

I think that using these applications would be beneficial for students because of the content they have. Some of the movies are informational movies based on true events and it's a great way for students to connect, and compare and contrast the things they can relate to. I am a parent myself and I wouldnt mind if my child was watching these types of movies or films in class. 

Adamary Flores Adamary Flores 540 Points

Using applications like Disney+ and Netflix to teach Science can have its benefits. I remember when I was in school my teachers would show us the magic school bus to teach us about science and it would really grab the attention of all the students because they were watching cartoons but learning at the same time and helping expand their education. They are many more shows that are education-based and could help students understand what they are learning in school.

Daisy Machuca Daisy Machuca 510 Points

Hello Madisson, I absolutely love the idea of incorporating Netflix and Disney+ to help teach life science. You can find many documentaries about many science topics and it is something familiar for the students. Many of the students watch these streaming services at home, so it may be something where the students get engaged and interests them. There are also other ones like amazon prime or Hulu where there are more science topics to add. I would like to take this Idea and incorporate in my future class as well.

Hello! This is a very good idea and also a very important question. I believe that incorporating this type of streaming service in the classroom can be a little controversial in a sense. Getting it approved by the administrators as well as parents. I know that streaming services can have great learning content, especially Disney+ having National Geographic. Personally, I would not have a problem with my children being exposed to this type of learning because I understand that the resources can be great but I can also understand that it can engage the students. I would only make sure to talk to parents, if possible, and ask for their feedback because I'd feel better knowing that the teacher has done their research and made sure that the content is right for the lesson and the students. 

Alicia Koszyk Alicia Koszyk 600 Points

Hi, I really like having this discussion and presenting this idea. I think it would be a great idea and activity to do on a weekly basis for kids. I find that Disney+ would be the best option, especially since it is kid appropriate, they are partners with National Geographic and it is the cheaper option when compared to Netflix costs. I have found myself watching Disney+'s National Geographic programs about Egyptian archealogy in my leisurely time and Disney+ has so many options to choose from in different subjects. I agree with others that you do not have to have students watch a whole program it could just be a clip that lasts a couple minutes to begin or end a lesson. I also agree that it would be best to send out a survey to parents through email and a physical paper with the child to ask how they feel about having their child be exposed to Disney+ programs. 

Thank you for bringing this idea to light!

Richard Lahti Richard Lahti 3100 Points

In the end, remember it is not about what resources you use, it is about how you engage the students in thinking about the resource.  Whether it is a show they watch or a hands-on lab, the important thing is that you make it MINDS-ON by asking the right questions.  If they don't think about, react to, talk about, write about what they watch, this is just movie time and a waste of time.  You still have a role as teacher in desiging the learning experience AROUND the show; you can't just turn on the TV and use that time to grade and expect learning to happen.  Kids will happily watch TV.  Getting them to engage is harder.


Leslie Castillo Leslie Castillo 575 Points

Hi Madison, I think incorporating Disney + or Netflix is a great idea! While I was in elementary and middle school most of my teachers would teach a lesson then play and episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy to make connections with the topic. There are so many great educational shows like The Magic School Bus, Wild Krats, Operation Ouch! and so many more. I believe wathing an episode of a show to connect to a lesson can be very benefical towards students whoe are visual and auditory learners. 

Vicky Casazza Vicky Casazza 540 Points

Hi Madison, 

I think incorporating visual media and television can be great for student attention and concentration! Some teachers may argue that playing an educational program on the SmartBoard is a way for students to receive a much needed 'brain break' while simultaneously re-learning the content that teachers taught during the science lesson. However, I do think it is important to monitor student attention during the Disney+ or Netflix programs because some students may take the opportunity to socialize and not pay attention. In this case, the programming can be used as a reward system in which if the students are engaged and participate during the physical lesson, they are rewarded with a programming video to reiterate the information and if not, they do not receive media time! There are so many good wildlife and National Geographic programs to share with students and think this is a really good idea that I had not considered previously!

Thanks for sharing!

Marla Guerra Marla Guerra 440 Points


Using Disney+ and Netflix to teach science in my educational opinion would be great, by how we have many opportunities now with technology incorporated with shows and cartoons. Some cartoons that would be a positive forum for kids would be Dexter Lab, The Magic School Bus, Sci Girls, Jimmy Neutron and many more by how each of these cartoons akcowledge the interest of the childrens mind. I remember growing up with the magic school bus, and each episode would take you to a new dimension where learning would be fun and interactive, not like the typical long passages that all teacher usually incorporated. As said by fellow student Kylie Surber, Netflix and Disney+ would not be the main sourc of education, but definitely would be used as a different learning method where all kids will feel engaged and entertain. 

Rubycela Lopez Rubycela Lopez 170 Points

I am a senior in college, my major is Bilingual Education and it is great idea to incorporate that kind of techonology. Children now in days spend most of their time on the internet. With virtual learning it can be difficult to keep students engaged throughout the whole lesson plan, so in my opionion incorportating Disney+ or Netflix into teaching is an amazing idea. 

Jaqueline Garcia Jaqueline Garcia 300 Points

Hello I am currently a junior in college and I am also majoring in Bilingual Education and I believe the incorporation of Disney+ and Netflix, especially now that students are returning to in-person classes, is a great idea. As mentioned, these resorces are backed up with actual Science material, so parents really shouldn't have an issues. Plus, students will be more intrested to learn science if it is first presented with a video. This could also be seen as a reward at the end of the lesson to recap what was learn throughout the lesson. I also liked that the content would be available in many different languages and include subtitles since our students will come from many different backgrounds and have different leaning needs.

Jaqueline Garcia Jaqueline Garcia 300 Points

A question I still have would be; Is there a way to also ensure the content from Disney+/Netflix is aligned to the state's curriculum?

Riley Korengel Riley Korengel 80 Points

This is a really good question. I feel like things have really transitioned and we have only continued to see mroe technology in classrooms so there's definitely a chance. Going off this I wonder how can we make Disney+ and Netflix more widely available in schools cirriculum?  Would it be worth figuring out or is it just another option to have to get students interested?

Kyle Greco Kyle Greco 145 Points

I really like the idea of using these wide known streaming services to teach science to students. In an age where technology is so prevalent resources like Netflix are widely available for most students. Once students watch these documentaries it is possible that they will watch similar documentaries on their own time. I also enjoy the resource to help find more resources.

Abrianna Moore Abrianna Moore 635 Points

I think the students have built a strong connection with you to be able to communicate their wishes in the classroom. If your students are asking for Disney+ or Netflix to be incorporated into the curriculum, I believe they are expressing that this mode of instruction will interest them. In saying this, I think you will notice that since the students suggested this, in return they will be more focused and attentive during the show. Anything is worth trying, so give their idea a chance and you may actually find how beneficial this is to a healthy classroom environment.

Macy Harris Macy Harris 755 Points

Hi Madisson!

I think this is a very interesting topic to dive into, especially where the current age of technology is taking us! As a pre-service teacher, I am constantly trying to find ways to help engage the students in the classroom as well as connect the content into their daily lives. There are so many different types of learning, with many elementary students needing that visual aid in order to learn the information. If used correctly, I think Disney+ and Netflix could be viable options if related to the topic. However, I think there should be a lesson to go along with the movie/clip, not relying solely on the visual aid to teach a lesson.

Something to take note of is that not all students will have access to these modes of media in their homes. If these resources are being utilized in the classroom where the whole group is watching together, I can see this being an adequate idea. However, as future teachers, we need to be cognizant of not limiting the learning of students based on the resources available to them. That is something we should always focus on and make sure all students have equal learning opportunities.

To avoid this issue, we could create a list of videos found on Disney+, Netflix, and other sources of free media (example: Youtube) where students can gain the same knowledge through different videos. In addition to this, not all students have access to technology at home. Any of these materials needed outside of class will need to be an extra activity where students are allowed to practice a skill.

Within my Elementary Science Methods course, we utilize movies by creating and completing movie sheets. Educators can use the source,, to use movie sheets that are already created by other educators. There are many movies on that website, giving a wide variety of topics covered. Having students fill out movie sheets while watching the video from Disney+ or Netflix could be a very reasonable way to ensure they are engaged in what is going on. I think this is a great idea to look into, especially with all of the resources many teachers have today!

Great job Madisson- this will be a topic to discuss for quite some time!

Macy Harris

Poster Peres Poster Hvin 10 Points

I think this is a good idea. This way children will memorize the material faster, because it will be in a playful way. It has been proven that this way educational material is perceived faster. This can still be done with 123 movies. You can also watch scientific films here.

Kennedy Brown Kennedy Brown 760 Points


As a senior in college, I think that using any type of video that helps support science education is vital to have in the classroom. I know that the Magic School Bus is currently on Netflix, as well as the new reboot. On Disney Plus, I love showing Schoolhouse Rock during my student teaching - even though it is older, it is still relevant to the topics that my students are learning in science class. 

Richard Lahti Richard Lahti 3100 Points

What I ask my students (and my wife who teaches college without the benefit of any pedagogy classes) is first, WHY are you showing the video?

Is it because they can show pictures of phenomena (scuba diving through the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, volcanic eruptions at a subduction zone, etc., the time lapse photography of a hydra budding (reproducing asexually))?  If so, then show the video!

But if not, then ask yourself again why you are showing the video... because when you outsource the content of your classroom there are tradeoffs.  Your ability to customize your own presentations is infinite, but your choice with outsourcing is largely to show or not to show ... 

What is the focus of the video?  Is it on understanding or memorization?  I loved Schoolhouse Rock as a kid, and bought the DVDs for my own kids to experience.  But the 'learning' is very LOW level Bloom's Taxonomy - it is catchy memorization of facts.  'A noun is a person, place or thing'.  'Pluto little pluto is the farthest planet from the sun...'  And of course, this brings up the next point is whether or not you can trust the quality of the information (Pluto was demoted since Schoolhouse Rock).  So if you are showing the video for 'learning' - think again.  Memorziation and mnenomics - yes.  Understanding - no.

So then why are you showing the video?  Are they that much better speakers than you?  Are you short 20 minutes of lessons planned for the day?  The reasons start getting worse and worse.

Just my two cents ... but I see way too many people using videos in their class for the sake of using videos and sometimes it overall distracts from the learning rather than adds to it in a meaningful way.  Use videos to provide visuals for science phenomena you might otherwise assume the students had experienced, but maybe hadn't.

For example, one of my student teachers had a good physics lesson on motion and frames of reference.  He talked about the moving walkways in the airport as an example of when your frame of reference is moving with respect to another frame of reference.  Unfortunately, some of these rural kids had never been to the airport, we don't even have malls tall enough for escalators here, and the whole concept was pretty foreign.  But a short clip of that phenomenon ( would have been worth 1000 words at that point and saved the lesson.  

Richard Lahti Richard Lahti 3100 Points

While I strongly agree that providing a hands on experience first (5E inquiry learning cycle) is the best approach for many topics, there is also a big danger the approach many of you are discussing.  Frankly, one of the reasons Americans can't science is that their elementary teachers fail to teach physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. even when there is an explicit grade level standard for it.  They get an overdose of biology, but in college (where I work) even biology majors have to take physics and chemistry and these tend to be a real struggle because they just don't have the background.  My own daughters' teachers put in a whole lot of biology (I think she did monarch capterpillar life cycles (+ one with moths) 4 years in a row and her teacher skipped 2nd grade standards on motion and 3rd grade standards on light and sound.  It shows as a district - we are above average in life science subtest but below average in earth and physical science subtests on the state test.  So the punchline here whatever you do should be standards aligned, and if you have physical science standards, you aren't going to find them on Animal Planet.  

The other thing is hands on doesn't mean minds on.  They can spend a lot of time doing without learning much - especially if time is spent cutting out peices (instead of having these premade and maybe laminated for repeat use) etc.  

Gina Micheli Gina Micheli 590 Points

Being a Disney fan myself, I think that Disney has some great nature and animal documentaries that are kid-friendly all while being informative. Even when I was a student, anytime the teacher would pull out the TV on wheels everyone would get super excited. Having newer technology though as expanded our resources and now have many great resources just at our fingertips. I think that visual learners also greatly benefit from video because they can hear and see explanations for things. I think that as a future educator myself I would love to use Disney Plus in my own classroom! 

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

Gina, I have a comment and a question for you.

I agree that some videos might be useful, but see Dr. Lahti's two posts above.

I also wanted to address your statement that 'I think that visual learners also greatly benefit from video because they can hear and see explanations for things.'

All learners can benefit from a good video.  The idea of learning styles has been debunked and reported on repeatedly over the years. Take a look at some of these articles:

My question for you is: Where did you hear about 'learning styles'? Do they teach about them at your university?

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92246 Points

Hi Gina,

I, too, sometimes say I am a visual learner. I know you did not use the term LEARNING STYLES, but VISUAL LEARNER has a 'bad wrap' because it is usually connected with the now debunked myth about how students have learning styles.  I love this educator's explanation as she grappled with letting go of the idea of learning styles and replaced it with this posit:  Our students learn better when information is presented in a variety of ways. See the Collaborative Classroom-The Myth of the Visual Learner ( )

 I visualize what (and as) I learn, and it helps me remember/recall important information. I hope we can agree that we use all of our senses to make sense of our world. When we use a model or video to help make sense of a phenomenon, we are visualizing our learning. I often can visualize what a corner looks like to help me find my way on a road trip.  In that sense, perhaps I am a visual learner. In high school and college, I would be able to recall where on a page a piece of important information could be found, but I could not always recall WHAT it said. (Is that a partial photographic memory?) Videos, even entertaining Disney ones, have a place in our lesson plans- as long as we purposefully choose them for how they will help our learners make sense of the phenomenon they are grappling with.  I, like you, appreciate the technology of the day to help actively engage our students.  What would we do without videos to show students those phenomena that they would otherwise never encounter in daily life? Thank you for sharing.  


Carolyn Mohr


David Thurlow David Thurlow 500 Points

Hi Gina,

A great resource that my cooperating teacher showed me was Emily's Wonder Lab. She played it for our students every day and they loved it. They were all super into it. It shows Emily teaching a bunch of different fun activities and games to kids. Unfortunantely, there is only 1 season at the moment, but hopefully there will be more soon. ?? 

Jessica Berry Jessica Berry 1000 Points


Your question caught my attention due to the fact that Disney+ and Netflix are both resources that are easily accessible to us. I don't see why it would be an issue for parents. I think that this is a really cool idea to use in the classroom. Life Science videos or Discovery videos might be really interesting to watch on those two platforms. It would be benficial for parents to show their children what they watch at school, at home. Students of all ages could benefit from using Netflix in particular because everyone has an account and gets on there to watch movies anyway. The only downfall I have is that some school districts don't allow to use Netlix or Disney+ at their schools, so it might not work for every teacher. 


Rebecca Do Rebecca Do 1440 Points

Hello Madisson, 

I know some schools and teachers use Netflix or Disney+ for entertainment purposes such as playing movies around the holidays or towards the end of the school year. I do think that Disney+ or Neflix could be used to teach science. There are many science movies and shows out there, which students can learn from. For example on Netflix, there is a series called, 'Brainchild.' There are episode on space, oceans, and force. If a teacher is teaching one of these topic, he or she can play this show for stuents to watch. They get to watch a fun show and still learn. As long as the teacher is playing a science-related movie or show, Disney+ or Netflix can actually be benefical for students. The teacher should let the parents know why they are watching Netflix or Disney+. I really like the this idea and I would use it in my future class. Thank you for asking this kind of question!  

Elly Kumbusky Elly Kumbusky 200 Points

Hi Madisson! 

I think that using videos or any other form of technology to build on student knowledge is very Important. I used to love watching videos like Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Magic School Bus, and Schoolhouse Rock when I was in elementary, and I still use these resources in my placement, even if they are a little older. I know that Disney+ has amazing shows made by National Geographic available that could be used as a great resource. I think it is important to make sure they are age appropriate though, and my school where I am in a first grade class requires that we send home permission slips if we will be watching anything that is rated above G, so make sure you're following school policy if you do implement this! 


Jessica Reyna Jessica Reyna 565 Points

Hello Madisson,
Using Disney+ and Netflix in the classroom sounds like an awesome idea to have students engage in the lesson. They both are child friendly and have many shoes that can be used in a science classroom. I’ve seen Disney+ have documentaries on habitats, different animals, etc. Netflix has wildlife shows that can show students what we aren’t able to see in person. It is a smart idea to show students documentaries or movies in these apps so that they can also watch at home.

Ayza Oviedo Ayza Oviedo 370 Points

I believe using Netlfix or Disney+ is a great idea to get kids to engage in a lesson. There are many great movies or episodes where the students can learn something new, while still being entertained. I have seen a multitude of resources on Netflix and Disney+ that would be great for students.

Raul Covin Raul Covin 70 Points

Interesting post

Kaitlin Jaggers Kaitlin Jaggers 265 Points

As a parent and future elementary teacher I can relate to both. For teachers, using Netflix and Disney+ is a great way to engage students and using them as attention getters. I don't think it would be good idea to use them all the time or during the majority of the lesson. My son, whose in 2nd second absolutely loves science and his class. He introduced me to a show on netflix that they watch called Emily's Wonder Lab and I think it's a cute and have short video. Each episode like 14 minutes long and they do various of them science projects that students can understand and are engaged. It's also really cool that they show some projects that they can try at home with their parents. Of course, Magic School Bus is another good show for students that can help them understand the the more in depth topics in science like space, the human body, etc. It's important and I think it's good to send a survey to parents and get their feedback.

However, as mentioned before, teachers shouldn't use as the only source and use Netflix and Disney+ for the whole lesson. Students should also practice science through experiements and get them engaged with going outside or going on field trips. If students only watch Netflix or Disney+ are not getting taught science. They need apply and practice what they are learning in science to see if they mastered. Teacher can't assess properly if students are only watching videos on Netflix and/or Disney+. Now, I'm not saying that teachers can't use netflix or Disney+, they just need to limit and use a variety of sources for the students to see if they understand and can show mastery. Netflix and Disney+ can be helpful for students to get them engaged. 

Kaitlin Jaggers Kaitlin Jaggers 265 Points

As a parent and future elementary teacher I can relate to both. For teachers, using Netflix and Disney+ is a great way to engage students and using them as attention getters. I don't think it would be good idea to use them all the time or during the majority of the lesson. My son, whose in 2nd second absolutely loves science and his class. He introduced me to a show on netflix that they watch called Emily's Wonder Lab and I think it's a cute and have short video. Each episode like 14 minutes long and they do various of them science projects that students can understand and are engaged. It's also really cool that they show some projects that they can try at home with their parents. Of course, Magic School Bus is another good show for students that can help them understand the the more in depth topics in science like space, the human body, etc. It's important and I think it's good to send a survey to parents and get their feedback.

However, as mentioned before, teachers shouldn't use as the only source and use Netflix and Disney+ for the whole lesson. Students should also practice science through experiements and get them engaged with going outside or going on field trips. If students only watch Netflix or Disney+ are not getting taught science. They need apply and practice what they are learning in science to see if they mastered. Teacher can't assess properly if students are only watching videos on Netflix and/or Disney+. Now, I'm not saying that teachers can't use netflix or Disney+, they just need to limit and use a variety of sources for the students to see if they understand and can show mastery. Netflix and Disney+ can be helpful for students to get them engaged. 

Marissa Gammer Marissa Gammer 402 Points

I love this idea! I am currently in my year-long placmeent to become a teacher and my coorindating teachers constatnly use Disney+! It is a great way to get students engaged and hold their attentention. I can remember watching The Magic School Bus when I was in elementary school. I think Disney+ could be a great hook for a lesson to get students excited, and possibly it could be followed by colloborative or hands-on expereince.

Emma Morris Emma Morris 315 Points

I really like the idea of using Disney+ and Netflix to teach science! I think that if there is a television show or movie that brings up the science topic that relates to the lesson being taught, it is a great way to get the students engaged and thinking about science.  When I was in elementary school, I remember watching shows such as the Magic School Bus or Tim and Moby videos.  Both of these are entertaining and have the ability to be a really great introduction to the lesson that once the program is over, students can start to make connections between what happened in the show to the lesson or the hands on activity.  It also provides students with time in the beginning of the class to still be learning something, but with low-stakes so they can ease into the lesson and not have to go straight into listening to a lecture when they walk into the classroom. 

I love this idea! 

Ann Spurka Ann Spurka 175 Points

Hi there! I love the idea of incorporating Disney+ and Netflix in a science lesson. While these resources will not be used as a primary method of teaching, they will be beneficial for students to grasp the concept through tv and movies.  

I think that giving childrenthe opportunity to watch a short clip or section using those resources is a great idea. Just do not make it the entirety of the lesson. We want for the children to get curious about science, have them ask question and do a little research to get them motivated to move and work together with other students. Maybe have them watch a short clip giving information about the caterpillar and how it changes into a butterfly. Then maybe take them outside to do a little exlporing and get those little minds ready for the excitement. 

Niranjan Ayar Niranjan 20 Points

Disney has not made provisions for educational screenings of its content through personal accounts. While classroom use would be non-commercial, it would not be considered personal use.

  • Disney plus have educational shows like this
  • Educational Shows on Disney+ to Help Supplement Homeschooling
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. ...
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates. ...
  • Little Einsteins. ...
  • Handy Manny. ...
  • Marvel Hero Project. ...
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum. ...

I am using cinema hd to view all of this content.


Michael Rue Michael Rue 625 Points

This is very intriguing to me! I always knew that shows on the television had educational backgrounds to it, I just never thought of looking into the data bases of Disney+ and Netflix to form a lesson for a science class. I think this is so cool, and I will absolutely be using some of these suggested shows or movies in my future science classes!

Niranjan Ayar Niranjan 20 Points

Thank you so much for your support sir.


As a newer teacher, I believe that these apps are a wonderful tool that the students themselves are familiar with. The key is using these apps for engagement. I believe in preplanning and knowing what you intend to show ahead of time so maybe surveying the parents and getting permission just to clear any issues later. Also if intended for a reward on a relaxed day, I feel like a permission slip to the parent wouldn't hurt. You never know, you may have that one parent that comes to the school and says 'All my child does is watch Disney+ all day!', and the school is unaware that these activities were going on. But I'm definitely all for it. Such a wonderful tool that has many possibilities for learning in today's classroom.

Chelsea Burge Chelsea Burge 725 Points

I think videos can be very beneficial in the classroom, especially to see something you wouldn't be able to access otherwise. I have the same reservations as far as if the parents would be okay with it. In my opinion, videos should be strictly educational or have a G-rating. Every parent has a different standard about what is appropriate for their child to watch. Is there another platform to view videos besides Netflix? In today's world I would think surely there is a safe option for classrooms. 

Roger Guillaume Roger 10 Points

Using wildlife television programs to teach life science in the classroom can be a great way to engage students and make the subject more enjoyable and relatable. However, when it comes to using platforms like Disney+ or Netflix in the classroom. You can share sonic exe to attract more students, learn while playing and learning within the framework you create.

Odalys Perez Odalys Perez 790 Points

Given that both Disney and Netflix provide a variety of documentaries, using them in the classroom is a terrific approach to engage kids and get them excited about the topic. These services include educational cartoons in addition to documentaries. To find out how the parents would feel about the concept, sending them an email or doing a survey would be a good start to finding out their opinion.

Olivia Fyke Olivia Fyke 120 Points

Hi Madison! I think that adding both Netflix and Disney into the classroom would be a great idea. I think that each have many options that are educational. I think that to make sure that parents would not be upset by the students watching any of these educational movies/videos on either Disney or Netflix this should be something you ask about and have them sign the paper at the beginning of the school year. I think that sending home a form to inform the parents that a movie/video will be watched in the classroom coming soon would also be a great reminder. I think this would be something that students would really enjoy. 

Cynthia Sanchez Cynthia 350 Points

Hi Madison! I think that its important to have parents sign a wavier before doing anything, that way if your parents child does have a problem with what movie your going to be presenting you can send them to another class or have another activity where they will be occupied with finishing their work until the fil is over. 

Jannie Morales Jannie Morales 685 Points

Hello Madison! There are many resources online these days, including videos and movies, to educate students about science. What better way to keep the students motivated and entertained to learn science than watching a movie or a show on Disney or Netflix. I remember as a kid I would watch many YouTube videos in class about science, and it helped give me visuals and other perspectives to learn. It is only necessary before showing anything in the classroom to check for any vulgar or inappropriate language or images. Other than that, believe it is a great idea.

Jennifer Rangel Jennifer Rangel 460 Points

Hello Madison, I think that you should be able to use any resources online if they are able to help you engage with your students. Science is a fun subject that students should be able to enjoy and look forward to learning. Every kid loves Disney, I am pretty sure that if you incorporate a movie or clips into your lesson they will completely enjoy it. I have noticed that Netflix has a wide variety of educational movies and series. I think its an awsome idea. 

Jesus Mendoza Jesus Mendoza 710 Points

Hello Madison, I think that idea of incorporating Disney+ is a good idea since I have seen that they have fun nature programs and it is big on visuals that I think will grab the attention of the students. Finding resources that are engaging and educational and mostly relatable since it can be easy to access for students is smart for the classroom.

Jesus Mendoza Jesus Mendoza 710 Points

Hello Madison, I think that idea of incorporating Disney+ is a good idea since I have seen that they have fun nature programs and it is big on visuals that I think will grab the attention of the students. Finding resources that are engaging and educational and mostly relatable since it can be easy to access for students is smart for the classroom.

Janie Bautista Janie Bautista 420 Points

I agree i also think using newer platforms and forms of technology is a great idea. Technology is changing the way of teachihng every day and i think we should always be opened for new ideas that can make teaching more fun for the students. For example i saw there was a majority of documents on wild marine life such as orcas and sharks.

Alondra Moreno Alondra Moreno 860 Points

Using the tools as in technology is amazing how students may even know more information about it than we do. Making the class an interactive experience is the way students know better and grasp the topic. 

Giovanna Villarreal Giovanna Villarreal 580 Points

Hi Madisson!

I love the concept of using Netflix or Disney in the classroom because it will encourage the student to be more attentive to the lesson and will spark an interest in learning. Especially since there are many movies and shows that have a lesson or meaning behind the story. 

Crack Deck Crack 20 Points

I'm impressed by the depth of research evident in this post. The references add credibility and make this a reliable resource for anyone interested in PullTube Box Mac.

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