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Preparing the STEM Classroom for the 20-21. School Year

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Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2075 Points

This back to school season, will you be...
a.              in the classroom
b.              distance learning
c.              hybrid learning
d.              mobile/on a cart
e.              not sure

 Teaching this school year is going to be a challenge. A group of experienced STEM teachers are collaborating on a resource to figure out the best ways to teach STEM. They are launching the online Elementary STEM Club in August to address concerns and work thorugh solutions. Best of all, members wil have access to all the information for an entire year because everything will be recorded.

This is a 3-month experience that will explore foundations of STEM through team-building, the engineering design process, and growth mindset & failure through activities, books, and discussion.
What does it include? Each month, from August through October, you will get:
·       A tried and true STEM resource with a video walk-through of what you need to get started, how to use it, and tips for success.
·       A LIVE panel discussion, featuring educators chatting about a timely topic in STEM.

In additon, SIX well known and loved picture book authors will each join the group for interviews and discussion of STEM and literature integration!

To read more information, you can go to this link :

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