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Jennifer Bird Jennifer Bird 120 Points

Currently in classes we are studying the use of inquiry in science classrooms and how to go about keeping students engaged and learning. I am curious to know how a teacher would go about infusing nature and the outdoors in to their science classroom, and if anyone has what did they do and how well did it work. I think nature infusion in science classrooms would be extremely valuable because it makes content relatable and gets students involved with the world around them. Just curious what others think!

Steve Rich Steve Rich 918 Points

I have developed a number of outdoor lessons that worked well in my classroom. I eventually put them into my NSTA Press book, Outdoor Science: A Practical Guide. My public collection has a free chapter at this link.... I also have another set of lessons in Bringing Outdoor Science In: Thrifty Classroom Lessons, from NSTA Press. I hope you'll take a look at these resources. I welcome your feedback.

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