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Review of "The Early Years: The Nature of Science in Early Childhood," by Peggy Ashbrook

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Olga Fabrega Olga Fabrega 3418 Points

I enjoyed this article a lot becuase it helped me understand the nature of science that are six to eight aspects. That the students should understand the differences between observation and interference. It is important to start having the students tell you what they are observing and what they think that means. I work at a preschool and the science centers in each classroom are really good. I feel like the science centers in the classroom get the students wondering about how things work and why things are happening. In the classroom we have water and sand table, magnetics that have a lot of things on it, magnifying glasses that the students can to see objects inside little sealed boxes. The students get to build things and take things about and touch new objects. Science is big part of the students life because they get to explore a lot of new things.

Deborah Bronner Deborah Bronner 650 Points

It is important for a young student to understand the difference between observing and doing.  Teaching the scientific method in a consistent way will help to instill in students how to think like a scientist.  Thank you for sharing the information contained in this article. 

Julia Uribe Julia Uribe 615 Points

I work at a preschool as well and the children enjoy the science centers both inside and outside the classroom. During outdoor play they like creating tunnels in the sand box using a variety of gardening tools and sand toys. Through their exploration they begin to ask questions as to what would happen if there was water in their tunnels and then they actively investigate. They add water and make observations as to what they see. Having you review article is a good resource for me to have as a way to learn about how to continue to introduce science to young students.

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