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Vivian Guerra Vivian Guerra 330 Points

What is a way to know if my students are recieving all the material to the best of their ability? How can I engage them into the lessons through a screen? Help!

Megan Moody Megan Moody 735 Points

Hi Vivian, 

I think the best way to know if students are understanding the material is by quizzing them at the end of a lesson or through their grades in the class. It is almost impossible to teach students everything they could possibly know on one subject, however, making sure they have everything they need to know and are able to apply that knowledge in the future is the best thing you can do for them as a teacher. I think students become engaged with more hands-on activities, however, not every student learns the same so possibly switching up the activities you do every day to teach students a lesson. This way, students are not falling into the same learning pattern. Videos are really helpful when it comes to engaging students, as well as class discussion, and virtual games.

Ashley Cantrell Ashley Cantrell 635 Points

Hey Vivian, 

I am a hybrid teacher, where I teach about 12 in person learners and 8-10 online learners.  It is hard to know if your students are receiving all the material to the best of their ability.  I notice where someon mentioned quizing the students at the end of the lesson.  My ELA students are reading a play right now, and I make sure in person learners have parts and distance learners both have parts in the play.  Everyone joins the google meet during the play so they can all hear each other appropriatley.  Once we have finished reading we complete a google form assessment about the scene we just read.  I like to do this to make sure all my students understand the main point of the scene and the details form that days scene.  Its a good way for me to tell which students struggling with comprhension for that paticular day.  We also use quizizz in my classroom.  So some of our assessments are a live game version, where my students can see each other and a live leader board.  They love this, especially because it is like a video game.  I think the main thing with involving distance learners is to make sure they feel like they are a part of the class.  Be sure they are able to participate somehow in every aspect of the lesson as in person learners are able to do.  Have a great day.

Michelle Phillips Michelle Phillips 6915 Points

Hi Vivian. Thank you for your great question!

I am sure there are many good ideas out there for keeping our kids engaged in an online environment. What grade do you teach?

Have you checked out the Daily Do lesson plans - these are great for distance learning -

I wonder if anyone else has other ideas to share?

Bejanae Kareem Bejanae Kareem 1070 Points

Providing students with hands-on materials is essential to address kinesthetic and visual learners learning styles. One way to provide to materials and supplies to students is through classroom grants. 

Here's a workbook on the science of classroom grant writing to acquire supplies and materials.


There's a free ebook with KindleUnlimited.





Emily Jimenez Emily Jimenez 635 Points

Hi! A technique I like using is having a 'Teacher Day' to review for the summative assessment. I have the students put together a presentation or lesson to teach back to me, reviewing all the concepts they have just learned. I work in a private school in a 1-1 setting so this works really well. It could be a fun project for a larger class and maybe partnering the students up and they could 'teach' each other. They could come up with questions to ask the 'teacher' while the partner is presenting. Could be fun and a great way to keep them engaged. Hope this helps! 

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