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Katherine Thibodeau Katherine Thibodeau 595 Points

I need some advice or resources for some help on taking care of my science tables. I have been working as the 7th/8th grade science teacher at my school for 5 years. I have checked with other people who have been here longer than me and they do not know how old the tables are. This year the tables are getting really scratched up on the tops and the black from the top is coming off when we wipe the tables down. I have scrubbed them to see if it is just pencil marks but the marks don't go away (that is why I think the marks are scratches). Is there something I can do to help these table tops out? Or are they old and we need to buy new ones (which is expensive)?  Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated!  ~ Katherine Thibodeau 

Whitney Pomeroy Whitney Pomeroy 615 Points

Haven't had my own science tables in a classroom yet, but I do remember kids scratching initials and whatever else into them once they realized it would show up, when I was in school. In a quick search I found this link: which seems like it should work, and the home page looks like a promising resource for fixing other teaching-furniture issues!

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