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What are some examples for Formative Assessments in elementary using technology?

Kalani Eggington Kalani Eggington 80 Points

I'm interested in learning what others have to say about this.  I teach pre-service teachers and want to do a better job using online tech tools to formatively assess my college students.  What are some ways I can achieve this?  Thanks!

Kaylyn Hoth Kaylyn Hoth 670 Points

Hi Shannon, I am 4th year preservice teacher at Wartburg College. Throughout my time at Wartburg, I have used technology multiple different times to formally assess students. One of my favorite sites to use is Padlet. Padlet allows the teacher to ask a question and students are able to respond back on a sticky note. Another thing I like to use is kahoot. Many students love Kahoot as it is also a game where there is a scoreboard but at the same time, you get to create the questions and can see how each student responds. These are just a few ways I have used technology to assess students. 

Laura Taylor Laura Taylor 770 Points

I have a similar question: can anyone recommend interactive response apps that you are using in the classroom for student response? I would like to find a technology tool to use for formative assessment this year. I have heard of Mentimeter but I am wondering if there are others out there that are good for classroom use.

Allyson Plaster Allyson Plaster 363 Points

Thanks for the tip!

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