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Eleazar Zuniga Eleazar Zuniga 340 Points

What are some good activities to teach science in a 3rd grade classroom as a new teacher any recommendations ?

Naimah Urfi Naimah Urfi 1075 Points

Hi Eleazar, I am a student teacher in a first-grade classroom but I have observed in a few third-grade classrooms before, and I have seen science implemented in the classroom in some very fun ways! One activity that the students would love is creating a diagram of the different phases of the moon with Oreos. They can take apart from the cream of the cookie for each changing crescent and quarter. Students have really enjoyed this activity from what I have seen! I have attached a picture of a completed diagram. Another project-based learning activity that students can do is create a hands-on diorama of an ecosystem or habitat of their choice inside of a shoebox. They can then either present theirs to the class or in small groups while explaining the characteristics of their ecosystem or habitat. There are plenty to choose from and students can get really creative and then do a gallery walk. Hope these ideas helped a bit to inspire you!

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