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Encouraging Young Scientists news letter

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Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92316 Points

Thanks for bringing this to our attentions, Arlene. Peggy Ashbrook has a monthly column in the Science and Children journal every month devoted to our youngest scientists, too! It is called, "The Early Years". Carolyn

Cynthia Rasquinha Cynthia Rasquinha 1090 Points

As a future teacher, I have found the NSTA Recommends and other magazines that I get in the mail and the newsletter really informative and helpful. This newsletter sounds like another great information source that I am sure I could use in the classroom. Thank you for the link. Cynthia

Peggy Ashbrook Margaret Ashbrook 10993 Points

I hope other early childhood educators will add their experiences and resources to the Early Years blog in a comment. The voice of the group has much to offer all of us! We know our students best and can view resources with a critical eye to see if they meet the needs of our children.
The NSTA members' email list for early childhood is another resource.

Darlisa Francois Darlisa Francois 235 Points

very interesting

Arielle Cortes Arielle Cortes 175 Points

I didn't know that existed and I wish I had known when I was working on my Science CAT for my teaching credential! It was a pain trying to come up with lesson plans and different ways to teach the material to my transitional kindergarten students.

Kate Schroeder Kate Schroeder 400 Points

Wow, this is very cool! I work in a state funded preschool and am always trying to find ways to integrate science. I just signed up for it. I'm looking forward to seeing what there is to do! We are just about to start an ocean unit, so the March 2013 newsletter was extremely helpful! Even though we con not go on field trips, I like the ideas of bringing the ocean to them by songs, games and art! Thank you for this great resource!

Brandi Salinas Brandi Salinas 1335 Points

Good to know there are a lot of science newsletters. I am sure I will need these when I get in the classroom.

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

These newsletters will be useful. Thanks Naomi Beverly

Jacqueline Goldston Jacqueline Goldston 1260 Points

Wow! I did not know something like this existed! What a great resource for pre-k to second grade educators! This would be beneficial to the team leader, individual teacher, as well, as parents. The information in the newsletter is presented in an organized fashion that also makes it easy to understand. Do you know if there are similar resources like this available for older, upper elementary learners? I think these would also prove to be a useful tool for these educators as well. Jackie Goldston

Tara Cuzzart Tara Cuzzart 1055 Points

This resource is amazing! It can be of great help to educators as well as parents. I love that it is presented in a very organized fashion. It tends to be difficult to present science to the younger grades. I am curious as to if there is a resource like this for upper elementary or at the least it could possibly be modified.

 Kelly Diaz 1150 Points

Thank you! Newsletters are important and can be used in the classroom for students to become aware of what is going on in the science world.

Lisette Gallegos Lisette Gallegos 1345 Points

very informative!

Idara Atai Idara Atai 1285 Points

This is great! Creating general newsletters with my future students was one of the plans I have. These resources will definitely help with ideas concerning science and leading to other subjects.

Sarah Lenderman Sarah Lenderman 780 Points

I love creating news letter for my students and their parents. Its a great way to engage the content that the students are learning at school and applying it at home as well. Science news letter is even better because it can focus on something specific. Great idea!

Brittany Johnson Brittany Johnson 1540 Points

Thanks for sharing I will definitely look into this!

Brittany Johnson Brittany Johnson 1540 Points

Thanks for sharing I will definitely look into this!

Brittany Johnson Brittany Johnson 1540 Points

Thanks for sharing I will definitely look into this!

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