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Alice Arrieta Alice Arrieta 555 Points

As a preservice teacher, I have noticed that when doing my field experience hours, sometimes it is difficult for teachers to complete a science activity/lesson because they are so focused in either math or reading.  For future references, would it be ideal to do science activities everyday? I feel like they are so motivating, but also time consuming. How can I manage time? 

Farah Aziz Farah Aziz 1035 Points

I agree that teachers focus more on math and reading, and often science is not emphasized as much in the classroom. For my lessons, I chose to do science activities to teach students the importance of science topics. If you do not have much time, you can have a read aloud on a science topic, have students discuss various ideas, and allow them to explore through mini activities. You could also try breaking up science lessons into several parts over several days so that you have time for other subjects. Best of luck!

Dinaz Lokhandwalla Dinaz Lokhandwalla 1115 Points

I think it is important to do every subject every day. I think that when we focus on just one subject we are telling the students that the latter is not as important. In older grades there are checkpoints for many of the subjects, including science. The districts are holding teachers responsible for incorporating science in the curriculum. There are TEKS that teachers are supposed to be at every week. I really think that having science exposure for students is very important and I think we have to do our best to incorporate science lessons and hands on activities in the classroom. Even in the younger grades where there are no checkpoints, we would be doing a disservice to teachers that have our students the next year.

Anh-Thu Nguyen Anh-Thu Nguyen 735 Points

Hello, Science is very motivating and it sad to see very little of it incorporated in school lesson. For example, I am currently student teaching in a first grade classroom and there's a lot of Reading and Math, but very little Science and Social Studies. I do believe that it is important to incorporate all subjects and if you were to do science activities everyday, then it would have to be about 30 minutes or. This might be a problem later on, but on a side note, lessons have always been put back to another day because as teachers, we also want make sure the students understand and it also takes time to complete activities. I also feel as though I won't be able to complete all lessons in one day with the time provided for each subject. I do believe it is possible though. I hope this helps!

Araceli Garcia Araceli Garcia 980 Points

I feel that many schools do not focus on science often, my fourth graders only learn science once a week. I feel that it is important to incorporate aspects of every subject in every day lessons. If there is not time for an entire lesson, it is possible to do stem activities to get our student's mind thinking. It is a great idea to maybe do a stem activity early in the morning to get their minds started for the day or even after lunch to keep them engaged. Like I mentioned before, it does not have to be an entire lesson, but something fun and interactive like building with certain materials, a contest to who makes the strongest building. I have seen many fun "ice breaker" activities on Pinterest that could give some ideas for these mini STEM warm ups.

Diane Soto Diane Soto 845 Points

I also have noticed the same problem what my CT does is dedicates one whole day to science (usually Friday) and we call it science and STEM Friday.

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