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New Teacher! Engaging 1st Graders in Science

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Sarait Mendoza Sarait Mendoza 970 Points

Hello, my name is Sarait Mendoza and I am going to be a first-grade teacher and would love to know engaging lesson plans/activities for science! I am a very hands-on teacher and would love to help my students feel like mini scientists! 

Anne Willingham Anne Willingham 978 Points

Hi Sarait!

I will be student teaching in the fall so the informtaion I share comes from my experience observing and teaching some lessons in the classroom. I have also taught preschool for many years and I am a mom. Honestly, I think the best way to teach science is to incorporate it into everyday. My daughter and I go on walks outside and I talk to her and ask questions about what she sees and thinks. Just recently, we discussed the sun and moon rising and setting. She was asking why the sun goes away at night. So, I used the opportunity to explain the orbit of earth and I showed her pictures online. I used her interest and questions for a teaching moment. Unfortunately, I commonly hear that teachers do not have a lot of time during the day to teach sciene. So, it is so crucial for us to find ways to make it apart of the curriculum. Personally, I think the NSTA website is the greatest resource to use in order to find engaging activities that grab the students' attention. Also, I found a great resource called Generation Genuis. It is a science program with great ideas! The second grade teacher I will be student teaching with uses it in her classroom and loves it!

I wish you good luck in all your teaching endeavors!

Anne Willingham 

Carlye Brown Carlye Brown 345 Points

Hello Sarait,
There are many ways to make science learning engaging for young students. Some ways I have learned that make science interesting to younger elementary students is to help them realize that science is all around them everywhere they look. There are many ways you can do this you can take your class on nature walks or do hands on experiments and activities in the classroom. There are also many credible and engaging website for your students to go to an learn more about certain science concepts.

Elaine Donovan Elaine Donovan 1064 Points

Hello Sarait,

I have been a prekindergarten teacher for several years and have noticed that the best way to get your students engaged is my planning activities that actually meanings something to them. Letting them decided what they would like to learn about helps keep their interest. The students feed off of your reactions and when you seem excited and engaged they too will get that type of excitement. Remember it's all about the students' interest. 

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