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Tharath Som Tharath Som 720 Points

This will be my first year in 4th grade, and science will need more focus since my fourth graders will need to take a NYS Science test at the end of the year. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for activities to use in a science center for students who are academically low?

Kathy Renfrew Kathleen Renfrew 37248 Points

Thrath, Have you looked at NGSS? I am asking because these new standards were designed with all students in mind, not just the students whoeem to learn easily. I am thinking that science just might be the hook that engages these students and by doing science, their other skills might begin to improve. I am thinking about the topic "energy" There is a lot you can do .You can explore energy transfer and transformation using light, sound and electricity. How can you students explore and then develop concepts around energy? The Learning Center has many resources to help you. Those are just some initial thoughts.. Kathy

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Here's a link to some 4th grade Science Center Ideas from Broward County, FL.

I hope some of these iddeas help you!
Naomi Beverly

Tharath Som Tharath Som 720 Points

Thanks so much, it was helpful! :)

Tharath Som Tharath Som 720 Points

Thanks so much, it was helpful! :)

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Tharath-- I am happy! I hope your year goes well, and the kids learn lots of science through the centers and other instruction. All the best, Naomi Beverly

Maureen Stover Maureen Stover 41070 Points

Hi Tharath,

What a great question! Using hands-on methods, like science centers, can really help students who academically challenged internalize hard to understand concepts. NSTA has many excellent resources that offer tried and true methods and strategies for teaching academically diverse students. One of my favorite resources is Differentiating Science Instruction and Assessment for Learners with Special Needs, K-8. I've also attached a collection of several journal articles from NSTA professional journals that discuss using science centers to help students discover and understand concepts.

Another fantastic way to help students understand science concepts is incorporate literacy into your science instruction. If you'd like some more info on that, just let me know and I'd be happy to provide you with some great NSTA resources for that topic!


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Brandi Salinas Brandi Salinas 1335 Points

You will need to differentiate as much as possible. Look at this website and teachers pay teachers. There are lots of different resources online available. Also, look at your curriculum to see what you need to teach them. Incorporate a lot of hands on activities so they will remember them better.

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Brandi- Thanks for your idea. I joined Teachers Pay Teachers, and I have found some excellent resources for differentiation. I teach SpEd, and we have to "prove" how we are providing specialized instruction. Many times, I have come here to get ideas for games and interactives (hands-on) types of fun activities that my kids can do to experience the standards and curriculum as much as possible through playing All the best, Naomi Beverly

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