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Cynthia Carrizales Cynthia Carrizales 570 Points

Hello! I'm a soon to be teacher still in the education program and was thinking of ways a teacher can have all students involved in the science classroom. Personally, I enjoy science very much. It's an interesting subject and I enjoyed it throughout my education career. There's some that don't really enjoy science and have had bad experiences in the past that makes them feel like this. Some students don't like being involved in it as much, so my question is, what are ways you can increase students involvement in this subject. I've seen that hands-on activities can be a motivation, but it may not be possible with every topic.

Maria Flores Maria Flores 660 Points

Hello Cynthia, I am in still in the education program as well, I think some ways that might help students to be engaged in class even withouth hands-on activities is to create a meaningful lesson by applying some prior knowledge, something that connects the new information they're learning to a past experience, creating a more meaningul connection with the topic. It's also important for the class to have a supportive environment where students can participate without the fear of being put down or teased, the teacher may ask questions that allow for students to come up with at least one answer, although some students may come up with more. 

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