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Science Notebooks for First Grade

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Stacie Moore Stacie Moore 1260 Points

How are others using science notebooks in first grade?

Yvette Harris Yvette Harris 1540 Points

I use science notebooks to record discoveries and data when conducting experiments or observations.

Joey Scott Joey Lehnhard 420 Points

I've seen 1st grade teachers do a lot of scientific illustrations in their notebooks. One teacher I know prints vocabulary words on labels and has the students label their illustrations.

Brittany Joachim Brittany Joachim 315 Points

I teach 8th grade science and love this idea.  The labels may be expensive however I like how the students are accountable for the illustrations and it also encourages labeling illustrations like a scientist.  

Ashley Gonzales Ashley Gonzales 1640 Points

I am a college student and in my classes we use interactive notebooks. We make a lot of foldables and that really seems to help me remember the material. I think creating foldable would be fun for the students and they can always refer back to their notebook for assistance.

Brittany Joachim Brittany Joachim 315 Points

I definitely think interactive notebooks are helpful as long as they are interactive.  I have very little patience for the cutting and glueing, but do love seeing the finished products.  

Erica Preston Erica Preston 2010 Points

Hi, I think Interactive notebook are great ways to gather thoughts, notes, and information in any subject. I am student teaching in a 1st grade class. we don't use interactive notebooks for science but we do in other subjects. I think the note books could be used for activities to remember what was taught and have them write a reflection each time after science class of what they learned so they can go back and read it at a later time.

Jerrica Millon jerrica millon 340 Points

We use science notebooks in 5th grade and I think they are especially helpful for students. They like having them to refer back to, especially before reviewing for tests. I feel like they would work well in 1st grade (not so much for tests, but just for recording their data and making observations). It also takes the hassle away of having to pass out paper, etc.

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