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Tyler Stark Tyler Stark 465 Points

I am trying to find resources to use for my middle school STEM class during distance learning. Any recommendations would be great. Thank you in advance

Gabe Kraljevic Gabe Kraljevic 4564 Points

Hello Tyler,

I highly suggest you check out Instructables - all kinds of projects, and the teacher section is sorted by grade and subject area:

I also have some STEM-related resources in a library.  I've attached them to this reply.

Hope this helps,



Sarah Monda Sarah Monda 665 Points




Study Ladder:


Nicole Anthony Nicole Anthony 702 Points

I am a student teacher and my clinical supervisor loved USA Test Prep and GPB for tools to use both virtually and in the classroom. 

Lily Albertson Lily Albertson 530 Points

My clinical supervisor also used USA Test Prep and has seen great success with it. In my research I have also found Gizmo with is an online manipulative. It allows students to control the variables and see graphs and charts at the end of the scenario.

Brittany Alao Brittany Alao 580 Points

I like USA Testprep, Discovery Education, and TedEd. 

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