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The best messenger for distance learning

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Alan Weber Alan Weber 80 Points

Tell us which messenger you use most often. Also write why you use this messenger. I think WhatsApp is the best for learning, but I could be wrong.

Beata She Beata She 20 Points

Whatsapp is really a very good application. I don't know if this app is suitable for learning or not. I use WhatsApp to communicate with my friends and with my relatives who live very far away. This application allows you to transfer large files or send a message to a large number of people. These are much needed features and after the update Softgoza they are even better.

Klaus Weber Klaus Weber 20 Points

To be honest, I don't know much about messengers, but if I were to download a messenger, I would download Instagram. I think it's one of the most convenient and beautiful.

Loren Chassels Loren Chassels 580 Points

I found zoom to be the go to standard for conferences and it contains a messenger.  But for group correspondence, text messages via SMS still seems the most universal. Nothing to install, and nobody is excluded. 

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