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Katelyn Sherman Katelyn Sherman 7475 Points

Hello, my name is Katelyn Sherman, and I am an Elementary Education Major at Henderson State University. I am interning this coming Spring. I am so excited to start and want to soak up as much as possible before teaching in my classroom next fall. Does anyone have any advice for things I should look for and pay attention to while I am student teaching? Thank you so much! 

Tyler Evans Tyler Evans 490 Points

Hi Katelyn! It is so exciting to hear about other upcoming teachers! When it comes to student teaching, I think the biggest things are not being afraid to ask questions or concerns when it comes to becoming a teacher, knowing that you are also (somewhat) in control, be open to more effective teaching strategies, and that (hopefully) your assigned teacher is there to help you. I know that when I was a sophomore in college at my first placement, I did not know a lot of the "behind the scenes" stuff when it came to teaching. I did not know about the IAT process, IEP meetings, effective planning, etc. I felt like I was going in blind to my proper student teaching experience. 

The "control" thing can be hard, because it depends on the dynamic of the class. However, letting students know that you are also in charge helps you feel like a teacher and the students SEE you as one. It may feel like you're stepping out of place and/or being a little mean, but if your assigned teacher is good they'll respect it. That being said, TAKE ALL THE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AND ANALYZE IT. Take advice and see if it fits you. If not, know that you don't have to use it, but you should "keep it on the shelf."

Sorry this was long, but it is something I wish people would have told me. So good luck! Be confident and change the world!

Andrea Harris Andrea Harris 320 Points

Hello! I am currently student teaching and some things that I've learned to take note of this semester is how to confront students and parents. I always have struggled with this expecially with how to word things in a professional way. My teacher does it so well so I always make sure to listen and watch whenever a prolem comes up and she needs to get parents involved. Something else that I've been able to learn is how to take a lesson and make it on the students level. How to word questions in a way that they would understand and find interesting. Also, this year I've learned how to care for the students and love them in different ways. 


Hello Katelyn, 

I would say the one thing I have learned most about my experience with student teaching would have to be staying true to yourself. I would like to think that if a school district wants you as a teacher they will accept all aspects of your life. I would also go as far as being picky with what school district you want to spend a school year with or a life time. Best of luck! 



Ronald Havens Ronald Havens 10 Points

Thanks for the advice.

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