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Mary Hess Mary Hess 7860 Points

Hello everyone!

I'm getting ready to create another garden on our campus. I love using themes to highlight the plants used in each area. So far we have a pizza garden, fruit/vegetable, sensory, bird, pollinator, fairy, and enabling gardens.

Any other garden themes to exicte elementary students would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Melany Garza Melany Garza 600 Points

Hello Marry Hess, that is truly admirable! I think a rainbow garden would be a perfect addition. It could serve various purposes, such as teaching younger students the colors, promoting inclusivity of students’ favorite colors, and showing support to the LGBTQ. 

Daniel Keto Daniel Keto 135 Points

Fiber garden garden based on storybooks--i've seen: wind in the willows, and peter rabbit garden) Jurrasic garden: plants that have been around since dinosaurs Rainbow garden based on ROYGBIV colored plants. Dye plants garden: Three sisters garden Cereal garden Hope that helps Dan Keto

Peter Kelly Peter Kelly 1290 Points

Colonial Garden, Zen/Rock Garden, Meditative Labrynth, A Labrynth,  Salsa Garden, Minature Golf garden, Lawn Game Garden, Certified Habitat, Toad Garden, Genetics Garden, Indoor garden, Hydroponic Garden, Robotic Garden-Farm bot and or a Tertill, Sock Garden- Have students walk carefully in a meadow or forested area with socks on, or large socks over their shoes and then plant the socks, Milk Jug Gardening to get seedling started.  

Mary Hess Mary Hess 7860 Points

Melany and Peter,

Thank you so much for responding. These are great ideas!

Tania Vega Tania Vega 160 Points

Hi I believe a good theme garden would be a Butterfly Garden, where the garden would contain flowers that will attract butterflies. 

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