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Mackenzie Jobe Mackenzie Jobe 210 Points

Hello! I am currently studying to be an elementary teacher. My focus is on STEM education. In my STEM class, we have discussed the increase in STEM careers, but the lack of STEM education. Although there has been more of a surge and interest in teaching it, there are still several educators that are a bit intimidated when it comes to teaching this area. What are some ways to encourage schools and educators to teach STEM? Has anyone had experience incorporating a STEM program into their schools - how did that go?

Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5555 Points

At the elementary level, there is some basic STEM built into the curriculum. I think what you're getting at is cross-curricular STEM. You could encourage a collaboration with the chemistry of paint in an art class, the math in music, etc. Here's one resource I found that may give some ideas: 

Abby Lynn Abby Lynn 80 Points

Hi Mackenzie,

I am also studying to be an Elementary teacher and I am currently taking an Elementary Science Methods class. This class has addressed some of your questions. I would say one way that you can encourage schools and educators to teach STEM would be by making it cross-curricular. It doesn't seem to be as intimidating when you pair it with something else. There are many lessons out there that you can do by connecting two different content areas. Another thing I would suggest is working with another teacher when you get out into your future classroom. Find a teacher who may have strengths in Science or STEM and pair up with them to learn tips from them. You could also co-teach a lesson with this teacher if you find a good match. For example, you could take about the water cycle and your co-teacher teaches the water cycle and then you come in with the writing/reading part. The final thing that I would suggest to you is just be open to ideas and don't feel nervous about possibly sharing your ideas with other teachers if they are struggling.


Abby McKee

-Preservice Teacher



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