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The Water Cycle Lesson Plan

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Karen Patino Karen Patino 545 Points

Hi! I want to create a lesson plan where I can teach my students about the properties of matter through the water cycle. I would love to use a discrepant event, does anyone have any ideas? I know many teachers use songs as a way to help the students remember it, has anyone created their own song that would like to share? Thanks!

Megan Doty Megan Doty 11847 Points

Hi Karen! I found a few resources that may be of help to you. The first was located within the NGSS@NSTA hub, and gives some ideas of teaching melting and freezing. Check it out here: The second is an article that gives many ideas that came from the NSTA listservs about teaching the water cycle. You can find it here: Let me know what you think! Also, if anyone else has ideas, please share and add to the discussion! -Megan

Ya'nique Gordon Ya'nique Gordon 640 Points

Hello! I had an assignment in one of my undergrad courses, Music for Children, in which we had to incorporate a song into a lesson. I chose to teach a lesson on the water cycle. During the precipitation stage of the water cycle the students would sing the song "Singin in the Rain". I'm sure you could easily adapt the lyrics of that song to fit the process of the water cycle. It also helps that the song is very upbeat to keep the students engaged. You could also add hand motions to help the students remember the water cycle and to accompany the song and lyrics. Hope this gives you an idea of what you can do!

Brenda Velasco Mizenko Brenda Velasco 2695 Points

Which grade are you teaching? I have a few lessons for 1-2nd grade but wanted to make sure this is the right grade level for you. Last year I had my students create clouds using ice and hair spray. They loved it and thought it was very intriguing. I found this link and then revamped it for my classroom: Here is another experiment I have not done yet but sounds interesting as well..

Brenda Velasco Mizenko Brenda Velasco 2695 Points

Hello, I'm attaching a Water Cycle lesson that I found a few years ago on the Live from Earth and Mars website. I copied it on a word form document for easier access. It was created for 4-5th grade but can be revamped. I used it when I taught 1-2nd grade.


Karen Patino Karen Patino 545 Points

I was hoping for 2nd or 3rd grade, I appreciate all the comments!

Kaela Bailey Kaela Bailey 485 Points

In my fifth grade class, my science teacher had us create a water cycle song in groups. My group did a remake of the song "Glamorous" by Fergie. Instead of spelling G-L-A-M-O-U-S at the beginning of the song we spelt W-A-T-E-R C-Y-C-L-E. We then sung about the parts of a water cycle. My group and I loved this activity. We enjoyed being able to perform it in front of our class. I think this is a good tool for memorization, but learning needs to be concrete in order for students to fully understand. Therefore, I would suggest doing a hands-on activity in addition to the song that helps students learn the water cycle.

Yahilin Gomez Yahilin Gomez 435 Points

Hello! I'm elementary education major and I recently worked on a water cycle lesson plan with a group of classmates. Not sure if you've already searched youtube, if you haven't you might want to give a shot. There are some choices for you to look at. GoNoodle actually has a song that is fun for the kids. I also saw on Pinterest once a nice activity of having the students create an ecosystem where they could observe the water cycle in action.

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