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Teaching About a Derecho

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Caitlin Dreismeier Caitlin Dreismeier 235 Points

My name is Caitlin Dreismeier and I am a pre-service teacher studying at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

A few weeks ago, large parts of Iowa (including my hometown) had a huge storm that meteorologists called a "Derecho". This storm had the effects of a category 4 hurricane with 140 mph sustained winds for 20-30 minutes which led to destruction everywhere. Thousands lost power, trees and debris were laying everywhere, and anything that was relatively tall was destroyed (trees, billboards, traffic lights and power poles). A huge problem with this storm that will effect everyone later on is the destruction of crops. Since this happened in Iowa, one of the largest agricultural states for corn and soy beans, farming and crops will be diminished which in turn means less food, fuel and various other products for the rest of the country.

My question is:

How do we teach about this storm, and its multiple effects, to young students? How can we make it easy to understand and follow?

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