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Well, Hello!

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Jessica Hadley Jessica Hadley 655 Points

I am a future science teacher in early elementary education and I am competing an assignment on how to use this Learning Center as my e-Text. What is one thing that you, as an online advisor can do for me as I am a pre-service teacher? I do see the website was recently up-dated. What has been the most beneficial update noticed so far?  Thank you,  Jessica

Amanda Wolfe Amanda Wolfe 16375 Points

Hello Jessica and Welcome!

I am the eLearning Engagement Specialist here at NSTA.

The online advisors are a team of volunteer educators who work with NSTA staff to support the NSTA LC online community by responding to posts on the forums, create and share collections, and write reviews of NSTA resources and collections - They are awesome science education professionals here is a link to their bios -

In my second year of teaching I was part of the New Science Teachers Academy (now called NSTA squared) I used the learning center to find resources and now that it has been revamped I think the best improvement is how easy it is to navigate. The dashboard along the top of the page helps you explore and find different resources.

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