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How do you feel about virtual learning/classes?

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Lucy Espinosa Lucy Espinosa 570 Points

Hello Eaileen, my name is Lucy and to answer your question about virtual learning and taking virtual classes it is tough. It isn't like taking one or two classes online per semester like you had mentioned it is completely different. I would say that I too feel a little stressed at times and prefer to have a face-to-face learning. I hope things getting better soon... If it is hard for college students imagine students in high school, middle school, and elementary. 

Laura Betancourt Laura Betancourt 275 Points

I think distance learning is something that takes a lot of time management and planning. During the pandemic, depending on circumstances, this can be incredibly hard. Having a child at home while trying to learn online is the biggest distraction for me. I can imagine for some people they may not be as flexible with their jobs as jobs can be hard to come by and people take what they can get. I think virtual learning is okay for one or two classes a couple times a week, but some people really struggle with a full online schedule. For those is elementary, middle, and high school sitting at the computer for a whole day, 5 days a week I can imagine is very very difficult. 

Kristina Garcia Kristina Garcia 285 Points

So far I have been really enjoying virtual learning. As someone who has a job right now I feel that being able to be in class while also being at work is beyond helpful. The only con of online learning I've had so far is keeping myself on a schedule since I don't physically have to go to class anymore. Now that I have to keep myself on more of a schedule I like to use my calendar to keep track of what is due or when I have to log into class. 

Jennifer Hernandez Jennifer Hernandez 355 Points

For me, virtual learning/ classes has been a very interesting experience. Before the pandemic, I too had taken online courses, but since it was only one to two that I would take per semester it was not as stressful as it is now. Personally, I prefer in person lectures because I am more focused in learning and at home there is more distrcations. 

Anahi Verdin Anahi Verdin 520 Points

In my opinion virtual learning/ classes have been very stressful and tough. Especially because I would get easily distracted or get interrupted by my family during the classes. I think I prefer in person lectures because I wouldn't get as distracted as I do from my home. Also, having all the classes online had me really stressed out because I had to make sure I didn't miss an assignment. 

Norene Reyes Norene Reyes 300 Points

Virtual learning has been a roller coaster for me constant ups and downs. Its stressful trying to stay up to date with classes when its online because I tend to procrastinate alot so it's easier to put off class. Another reason why virtual learning is stressful for me is because it is also hard for me to learn everything online i perfer hands on work. 

Adriana Nava Adriana Nava 730 Points

I consider myself to be a traditional style student and the instruction would be given in person, however, due to the COVID 19 pandemic every class was transferred to online learning. This is my second semester being an online student but the transition was rough. There are moments where I feel confident in my work, but then doubt starts to set in and recieving feedback from a professor takes a while. There are pros and cons to virtual learning, but I would much prefer in person classes. 

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