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Pandemic Relief Bill For K-12

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Good evening,

My name is Aaron Rothfusz and I am a pre-service teacher at Wartburg College studying elementary education. My endorsements are in Reading, Social Studies, and Coaching, and my ideal classroom would be anything in the K-3 range. 

Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in some of our plans as future teachers and many of the current teacher's curriculum as well. After reading how gridlocked the Senate and House are in terms of a Relief Bill for K-12 education, it seems as though the only similarity that the parties share is their push to open up schools and attempt to return to some sense of normalcy. But our school systems, as Wartburg College has so keenly pointed out, could have outbreaks of COVID-19 and be closed down any day. Currently, I am in a first-grade classroom in rural Iowa, where masks are required outside the classroom, but many of the first graders inside the classroom are not opting to wear their masks. It also appears that those who are forced to learn over a Zoom call are not getting a well-rounded education, as they are cut in and out for certain activities, and are frankly, disenfranchised from the rest of the class. I would love to speak to my teacher, who is quite experienced with 33 years of teaching, in the normal classroom setting, but could very well be over her head in the technological nightmare that is virtual learning. If anyone has any ideas on how to keep those who are learning virtually engaged, excited, and ultimately educated even though they are miles from their desk, I would love to hear them and pass them on to my advising teacher. Thanks so much! 

Aaron Rothfusz

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