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Ayde Ortiz Ayde Ortiz 410 Points

With all this Covid-19 precaution happening, how would a science teacher do activites through online zoom? For example, lets say the topic is growing plants, how would the teacher be able to know what student is being engaged and what not or would the teacher not perform any activities?

Alexia Trevino Alexia Trevino 295 Points

I think keeping contact with the parents is an important aspect to consider when conducting experiments at home. If the parent is involved with the instructions of the experiment then the teacher will know that they are working on it together and the child is gaining that scientific involvement. 

Kristin Preast Kristin Preast 1670 Points

I would have parent contact and have them ask questions and see if they are retaining and understanding the info.

Laury Friese Laury 20 Points

Another great article filled with GREAT information Thank you! LOVE the 'extra fun' you shared Drift Boss

Lauren Hammersley Lauren Hammersley 200 Points

There are so many ways to keep lessons interesting even via zoom. Thanks to technology being so big in today's day and age, so many sites allow for interactive learning. I enjoy the site Peardeck, which keeps lessons interactive and students engaged. If you are looking for more science activities this website is great for simulations on so many different tipics. I think this link will take you directly to the states of matter simulation, but you can find so many more and it is a fun and engaging way for students learning virtually to practice activities in science learning. HTTPS://WWW.PHET.COLORADO.EDU

I am sure there are even virtual ways to grow plants but it may not be as fun so in an activity like this you can stay in touch with parents to keep progress and can have children submit pictures to a google classroom of their plant updates. I just did a lesson in person with my students planting seeds for earth day and because they took their plants homem due to little space in the classroom, I asked them if they could share pictures with me as their plants grow, and if they decided to plant them into the ground then once they sprout to share the final look! 



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