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Marina Velazquez Marina Velazquez 135 Points

Hello guys!

I am teaching a lesson on the TEK that teached patters such as seasons. It is a kindergarten class. They have spent a whole week learning about the seasons and how each feels, however now that we are dealing with the patterns side of it, they seem to have forgotten. How should I address this without getting off topic? Thank you so much for your feedback!

Lisa Ann Nishihara Lisa Ann Nishihara 780 Points

Hi Marina,

The four seasons is a cycle.  You may want to approach it with a chant or rap.  Here are two songs I found on you tube:

I hope these songs can be of help to you!

Peggy Ashbrook Margaret Ashbrook 10518 Points

Hi Marina,

Chants are great fun! Kindergarteners can hear and sing about seasons but what really helps them understand seasonal changes is to make observations and document them over time, over the seasonal changes. Tracking changes in plants and weather events (temperature and precipitation) can take place in a daily or weekly short time frame. Posting and discussing their observations will make an impression over time and the patterns will be revealed. See this helpful blog post with a description of a “linear wall calendar” used by a Kindergarten teacher in ways that allow children to develop their understanding of the use of a calendar and to track events. She doesn’t use the “today is ___, tomorrow will be ___” framing of time. She has the class reflect on the happenings of the month at its end. 
Not all of us have this kind of wall space but I can still see this working.

Best wishes,


Lizzet Alvarez Lizzet Alvarez 185 Points

What I do to help my students understand more about seasons is start off with visuals and a song. After the initial introduction has been made we began with our observations. We have the opportunity to go outside for 5-10 minutes and draw our observations once a week. We have a short discussion and continue to build on our prior weekly discussions allowing them to continue understanding seasons has shown a higher rate of understanding from my class perspective. Hope this helps give you an idea.



Katherine Gonzalez Katherine Gonzalez 145 Points


Something that I enjoy to do with my students is that I incorporate the seasons in our Morning Routine. Each morning we discuss the weather and the season. They enjoy listening and watching the video that I play for them. The song is not like a nursery rhyme, but it is actually pretty catchy and the students will be able to remember the seasons. Hope this helps!

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