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Laura Wallace Laura Wallace 2035 Points

I'm currently student teaching in a 2nd grade math classroom.  This week I taught a lesson on counting change below the value of $1.  I did an activity with my class that had them making transactions as clerks and customers in a pretend general store.  This was a fun and engaging activity for them, but I had some trouble managing the students.  Especially getting them to follow directions and keeping their voice levels low.  Does anyone have any tips if I decide to do a similar activity in the future? 

Beatrice Taylor Beatrice Taylor 3896 Points

Laura, glad you did such a hands on activity.  Your question is one often asked when students are given the freedom to explore and work in a group.  (1) make sure you give you expectations at the beginning of the lesson, (2) know what your teacher's cue is for getting the students to get quiet and to look at her, and (3) praise the small groups as you go around and telling them how pleased you are that they are working quietly and on task.  Dr. T

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