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Brionna Crume Brionna Crume 600 Points

Hello, my name is Brionna Crume.  I am a first year teacher at Faulk Elementary.  My school has provided a plethora of first year teacher support and resources, and for that, I am grateful.  Having the support has helped me out tremendously!  We had a consultant come in and meet with us throughout the school year.  She would observe our classes and critique us/our environment.  We would also have to go to different professional development classes to help us make it throught the year.  However, I found out that even thought it was helpful, it turned out to be a hassle.  It was hard having to teach, do lesson plans, grade paper, review lessons, go to meeting, do my own homework, submit videos for my first year teachers course, answer questions to that video, meet with the consultant, ans so on.  Did anyone else find themselves in a positon like this? Something that was helpful but a hassle at the same time. If so, how did you deal with it?

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